Festival of the Sun

Southern California had always been a lot more trendy and “multi-culti” than a lot of other places, and Aztec “Festival of the Sun” fairs had really caught on there—minus the human sacrifice, of course. In fact, the Festival of the Sun was almost more like a cross between a renaissance fair and a trendy twenty first century take on Aztec life—-they even had jousting!

Darren was always one of the best at jousting in practice and he was the most likely person in the tournament to win the 300 dollar prize. He was a natural athlete. Unfortunately for him, his friend Drew was a wizard—and was also sick of playing second fiddle to Darren. He decided to use a spell to ensure he won the competition.

Unsurprisingly, “Debbie” was quite unhappy with Drew. “Why’d you change me?!” she yelled. Now all she was eligible was the “Lady of the Sun” competition.


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