Coming Out Of Shell

He was always the quiet type. People urged him to come out of his shell but he refused. He was the quiet type, there was no doubt about that. His friends felt that he was a great person and others needed to see that, so they did him a favour. They allowed him to come out of his shell.
The wizard was more than happy to assist. He cast the spell that made him a her. He became a stunning blonde with an outgoing personality.
Her new identity was that of Shawna and she had a reasonable amount of money which meant she had the ideal wardrobe for an outgoing woman. Mini skirts, lingerie, fake tan, make up, pantyhose, bikinis and the colour pink was in abundance.
Shawna was world famous for her social media. Nothing was off limits. Next week she’s delving into the realm of pornography. She certainly came out of her shell.


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