A Real Jerk

“You’re a real jerk, you know that?”

Sean lazily opened his eyes as he felt his new girlfriend climb on top of him. “Sure babe. Whatever you say” he yawned, smiling as a scowl wrinkled her face.

“Seriously Sean! Just because you can’t get a girlfriend doesn’t mean you get to turn me into one. I’m a dude! And using your magic to alter my mind….make me all affectionate and lovey-dovey—-it’s sick!”

Sean rolled his eyes. “Calm down Isabella—-and, yes, that’s your name now. You were the one who came to me, wanting help after you robbed that bank. Nobody is ever going to find you looking—-and especially acting—-like a girly girl. Now, I think it’s about time you showed me how grateful you are again….”

Isabella smiled despite herself. “Ugh….a real jerk. Fine, “stud”, buckle up….”


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