No Rest Tonight

In room 107, Daniel was thinking to himself as he got ready for bed. Man, I’m really starting to hate these over night business trips. I just don’t seem to get any rest in these motels anymore. A swear I wake up more tired than when I went to bed. It’s like I don’t get any sleep at all.

Mean while in room 109, Daniel’s partner Bill took out the wishing stone he had found on their business trip to New Orleans a couple of months ago. Man I really like these over night business trips now that I’ve got this stone. No more lonely nights for me. I just wish for woman and she appears at my door. Let’s see. Who should I wish for tonight. How about a tall twentyish girl, slender but with big tits. Yeah, that will do. You know, I wonder if I should share this with Daniel? Nah, let him rest. One of us needs to be alert for the business meeting tomorrow.

Mean while, next door in room 107, a sleeping Daniel began to shimmer. Soon a tall slender girl got out of his bed and walking as if in a trance, headed for the door. Her huge perky tits leading the way. It looks like neither Daniel nor Bill will be very alert for tomorrows meeting.


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