A Man’s World or Woman’s World

Evelyn Chandler was a rich widow who had it all, but she was an aging woman in what she thought was still a man’s world, and nothing could change that, or could it? Using her monetary power (she was a billionaire) she found a remote place on Earth that would provide her with the means to change just that….

A secret hidden talisman, one that was so rare, and it’s powers so great, that it could only be used once a millennium. It was well hidden, and in fact, hadn’t been used in two millennium by the time Evelyn gained ownership of the mystical device. She was willing give up her life as an aging woman, to start as a handsome young man, a fresh start and a man in a man’s world. No longer would she be the trophy wife, or the trophy widow. She would be “the man”, a handsome brash businessman with all the power. She just had to find someone to swap with for this to take place, as the talisman could do this… but only once in a millennium, so it was imperative that she found the right man for the “job” so to speak, as there would be no way back for either of them.

She carefully laid out plans, and invited several different men over to her lavish estate, including a one, Daniel Jameson, a wealthy young business tycoon. He was young, only 24, and had his entire life ahead of him. He was “just a millionaire”, but then again, that was nothing she couldn’t rectify by adding some of her own wealth to his before the transfer, and by making it on her own as this young healthy hunky business mogul.

She was devious in her pursuit of a handsome male form however. She did not openly admit that she wanted or could actually swap bodies with him. She just started to undress, and asked if he wanted her body, as if they were going to have sex. Daniel had a thing for older women, and was already getting excited, as his trouser tent would attest to. Little did he know that his large proud member would soon belong to Evelyn, and he would actually become that which he was lusting after, a mature aging rich woman.

This photo says it all, it’s one Evelyn took with Daniel’s phone, from Daniel’s body after activating the talisman and swapping their bodies. This was permanent, as the talisman would not be magically active for another 1,000 years. Nether would live that long to swap back anyway.

Daniel rubbed his new equipment in stunned amazement, through the crotch of his leotard style tank top, while viewing the ample breasts Evelyn had exposed on herself moments earlier before the swap took place. Daniel could feel the bangs tickly his eyes and forehead, and long hair hang around his ears, shoulders and back, as he felt a face full of heavy makeup, long fake lashes, with thick lip gloss heavily coated lips. He could even tell he had earrings now, and was wearing perfume, as a whiff of peach filled his new narrow nostrils. He knew somehow he was in Evelyn’s body, and she must be in his, but at the moment he was in shock and awe at the new sensations, amazed at what it felt like to have such a flat crotch with no male genitalia, after having lived with it for 24 years. Even the very hands he was using to touch himself were smaller, softer, delicate, not at all what he was used to using, as his arms were soft and smaller, lacking in any real muscle-tone.

His next thoughts were of how this was possible, and how freaked out he was becoming, as he knew then and there, this very well put Evelyn in charge, in his big strong virile male body. She could do what she wanted, he was defenselessly a mature rich woman now, nothing more, nothing less, but much weaker and daintier than he was earlier in his own body. What would happen next? Would he be stuck as her? Would he live out the rest of his days as an aging widow? He also realized how pleasurable yet odd his new equipment felt to the touch, and even without the touch, as his leotard tank dug into his crotch, a bit tight on him, and with his new “stuff” below, things actually went inside now. He then thought of how the pussy he now had, must have been fucked so many times at her age, by her husband, by other men, and just why was that making him wet down there? Why was that making him horny exactly? Thinking of men was making him horny? Was he taking on her urges as well? Was he in effect, becoming this mature trophy widow? What had she done to him.

“What did you do to us? I’m you, and you’re… you’re me?! This can’t be! How is this even possible? What kind of mess up thing is this? I came over to get laid with a sexy older woman, not AS a sexy older woman! What is the meaning of this,” asked the new Evelyn, formerly Daniel.

The new Daniel, formerly Evelyn was only too happy to explain, “You see, Daniel, my dear, I had everything, money, prestige, beauty though fading, but even with all of that, I was still a woman in a man’s world, and an aging one at that. For one point, I don’t feel that aging women have much of a standing in society rich or otherwise, though I would prefer the former over the latter any day. Also, I was a woman in a man’s world, even if I were young again, what would that do? I would still be a woman, and I would age eventually once more and lose my standing. Even if I didn’t age at all, what would that do really, but leave me as a second class citizen in a world of male assholes. No, no my wish was specific, and potent, and from the way I feel now, well worth it. I will have to get used to all the body hair, including your nasty beard, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little laser or wax. I’m a man in a man’s world now, but why men are such hairy apes I’ll never know. I never thought hairiness was manly at all, more apely, but then again, a guy is a guy. I just hope I don’t go bald later, that might bother me.

I’m getting off the subject however, and that is, I’m a rich man in a man’s world, young enough to start over. I would have wished for eternal youth along with it, but the talisman only works once in 1,000 years. That would have been two wishes, so it wouldn’t have happened anyway. This will do, and some of my money is already in your account Daniel. Oh, don’t worry, you have plenty too, enough for an extremely lavish life, however one as a woman, an aging woman mind you. Perhaps you can deal with it better than I could. After all this is unexplored territory for you. You were a privileged man however, and you’ll have to get used to being a privileged woman, a woman in a male dominated society.”

“Where have you been living the last twenty years, under a rock or in this mansion? Are you fucking crazy? Women are doing well in society now, perhaps even better than males in some regards, and you’re standing there in my proud body and telling me different, telling me that I’m an old chick, because you think men are superior? What a joke. You are crazy, and now we can’t even swap back, because of that talisman. I can’t believe this just happened, my entire life, taken away. I’m stuck as this… this old lady. I bet I’m over fifty now, and these things aren’t going to stay up much longer. What a joke, I’m not even strong anymore, weak and defenseless. What a mess,” said the new Evelyn, playing right into the very reason that the original Evelyn swapped in the first place.

“What you just said in my own beautiful voice explains why I swapped. Whether or not things are getting better for women, the general idea of woman being inferior still exists in many men’s minds, including yours despite actually being a woman now. This will probably never change, as women’s weaknesses are thought of instead of their strengths. You wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for women, it takes two to have children, and women do all the work in carrying them and having them while the men whack off in the bathroom too afraid to have sex with a pregnant partner. You say it’s better for women? Prove it! You are a woman now, then prove it to me. What do you have to lose? Your cock? You already lost that I’m afraid along with any chance of manhood or youth. The again, you probably have say, 30 to 40 years left, and you’re not that bad looking yet either. Menopause will set in soon however, very soon,” said the new man.

Evelyn, the new one that is, replied, “Menopause?! Are you fucking serious? Prove it to you? Look around you, crazy bitch. There will always be prejudice in some form in people’s minds. Humans are judgmental by nature, but actions speak louder than words. Perhaps if you would have used your billions to do something noble, you wouldn’t have to prove anything by being a man. You want men to know women’s strengths, then show them. You know what? I will do it, and prove it to you. If I’m going to be an old chick, I’m going to be one memorable one! Also in private, I hear some women are multiple orgasmic, I’m going to test that out too, maybe even with dudes. I mean I’m stuck anyway, and I’m a woman, what not sleep with dudes, maybe more than one at a time like those pornos. I can whine with two big dicks in my hands and two inside me at the same time, while another quiets me down by going between these sexy painted lips of mine. Instead of having one cock, I’ll have many, and even get to taste them now. How does that sound? I’ll be a respectful helpful strong mature woman by day, and a slutty promiscuous mature gal by night. I might as well embrace it, and these tits do feel good. Are you glad you gave up your sexy body for that hairy clunking male body of mine? When in Rome do as the Romans do, baby!”

Evelyn the old Evelyn that is, now in Daniel’s body was in shock at what she just heard. She was always a lady, never a slut, and now this man would change that in days perhaps? Helping the world? Why would she do that, the world never helped her! Perhaps her shortcomings was her own personality, her own way of thinking the world was, instead of how it actually was. She was a bit jealous even, she had never let herself have wild sex, especially not with multiple men. Why didn’t she? She had been widowed for years. She could have helped others many times over as well, and been a prominent, respected woman, respected by other women and even men perhaps. What was wrong with her? Had she made a mistake, a catastrophic permanent mistake? She looked at her new body in the mirror, and realized she wouldn’t even pass for a woman if she had a sex change in this 6’7″ tall large boned male body with square jaw and hairy all over. She even reached back with her large man hands and found she had back hair! At that moment she realized she would probably be bald by 30! She be a balding hairy man ape, something she didn’t really think she even wanted now. At that point she realized she was being judgmental of men, just like Daniel had been of women. She was prejudice herself, and didn’t even realize it until becoming a man.

Now it was all too late, and after the new Evelyn Chandler donated to the homeless, and opened six homeless shelters, she was becoming a prominent woman, respected by all. The male superiority thing didn’t apply to her it seemed now. Also the sex was amazing, she was multiple orgasmic, and being with more than one man at a time was just what the doctor ordered so to speak! She was careful who she picked too, friends of the family and such, with no diseases as well. They would have a good time and so would she, shuddering in orgasm after orgasm, more intense than her male ones were, and she couldn’t get enough of cock, something she only lost briefly until she got ahold of more on other men.

As a sad, loser the new Daniel burst in on the new Evelyn one night seeing her in one of her fuck fests, and Evelyn just said in heat, “You know Evel… I mean Daniel, it’s all about the cock, plain and simple. Having one, getting one, or having many. You know what though? Having many as a sexy woman is the best way to experience having cock, that is for sure, and I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world. So unless you are here to grovel for a blowjob or sex with me… the thought of sleeping with my old body is kind of kinky actually… then get out and stay out. Willard, change the locks after you escort this hairy ape off my property, I’m being fucked by studs and don’t want to be interrupted, that is unless you want to join in, Daniel.”

Daniel left humiliated and disgusted, not at his former body, but at what he had done to his life, losing that body. Now he was trapped as a man, in the world of men, but not in a man’s world, as that didn’t exist except for in his twisted mind, a mind that was starting to realize that wasn’t the case at all.


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