Stupidly big.

“Holy fucking shit! These things are huge!” I said to the genie.

“Well, you did ask for them to be stupidly big. Only an idiot would want breasts that size.” She replied.

“Yeah, I did say that but I wanted Sarah to have them, not me!” I yelled.

“Well, like I was trying to explain when you blurted out your wish, you can’t negatively affect anyone else’s life. Your girlfriend would never have wanted such massive breasts. “Just for starters, she would never have been able to maintain her job as a fitness coach. She could barely walk with them, let alone jog. But the magic has to go somewhere, so here you are, a woman with stupidly big breasts.” Said the genie

“But I’m a man! I don’t want any tits, especially these monsters.” I cried as I attempted to heft my new mounds. “I can barely lift them, they’re so heavy.”

“I suggest lots of lower back exercises in the future to help you support them. Also, you’ll need custom bras. Oh, and don’t even think of trying to sleep on your stomach. Plus, you’ll probably have to buy a different car because trying to squeeze behind the wheel of your current vehicle will be impossible….” the genie explained.

“But can’t I just wish myself back to normal?” I asked.

“Nope, that would have been the next rule I was going to explain. You can’t reverse wishes.” She said.

Martin just broke down in tears as he realized how much he had screwed up. Sarah always said he never listened. But he just wondered how she would take his change in gender and these massive additions to his chest. Would she still love him? Could he manage to carry these things for the rest of his life? What would his Captain say when he turned up for duty looking like this?

The genie just laughed quietly to herself. “Men!”


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