How I became Rianne’s best friend pt. 2

Next thing I know all three girls turn to me, as I still couldn’t stop masturbating and watching Pauline get fucked doggystyle by the paperboy in the yard.

“I wish that…” Wendy said and muttured something I couldn’t hear.

Suddenly, she steps forward and strips out of the tiny dress she was wearing, revealing her smoking hot pale body, perfect tits and ass. I always thought she was sort of hot, but somehow she’d been hiding the body of a super model under those goth clothes!

“Ooooh you’re in for a real treat there you cheating, horny bad boy!” She says. Then, Wendy grabs my cock, which is still hard and starts rubbing it and smiling.

“Bradley… how many times did you cheat on Stacy? Tell the truth, and specifics..” She said as she stroked my cock.

“Four… when we first started dating I banged a stripper when I went out with my friends, but that doesn’t count. Then, I was good for about five months…”

I couldn’t believe it! My fucking mouth wouldn’t stop as I spilled my guts to Stacy and her friends! About my old high school girlfriend coming over when Stacy went on vacation and fucking her in Stacy’s house, about how I fucked Pauline at a party and then again when she was house sitting for Stacy last month… and then I even told how I fucked some drunk girl in a bar two weeks ago when I was wasted, and even admitted I didn’t use a condom and then fucked Stacy the next day!

“Stacy, you think he deserves to have this big cock if he’s going to act like a cheating little pussy all the time?” Wendy said, her hand stroking me faster causing my cock to swell even more. As scared as I was it felt fucking amazing, and, even though I’d always hated her, Wendy was smoking hot for a goth chick.

“Fuck no!” Stacy said glaring at me.

“I wish that while your cheating ex enjoys the best hand job he’s ever had, you’d take a turn with this and come up with something real good for Bradley here… in fact, go ahead and just think what you want to happen, and that if Bradley can’t keep from cumming in the next minute, it would come true, no matter what you want!” Wendy said as she gripped my cock and worked it faster, my eyes rolling back in my head from the pleasure.

Suddenly I heard all three girls roaring with laughter. I opened my eyes, still watching the two dogs fuck on the lawn like I’d been told to, and saw that all three of the girls were standing around me laughing and hooting… and I was jacking myself off! Wendy was three feet away, and her hands were on her hips.

“Look! It’s shrinking!” Stacy said, smiling and pointing as I felt a rush of embarrassment fill my body, unable to stop jacking off in front of these three bitches.

“Go ahead and look before you cum there little guy!” Wendy said, and finally I was able to stop watching the dogs fuck and glance down.

That’s when I realized that I was in serious deep shit.

“Uh oh! His little wee wee is getting wanked away!” Wendy said teasingly as my eyes widened and watched as my dick, which was plenty above average was getting smaller.

I was still hard, and still jacking off, and… it felt amazing… but my cock was shrinking smaller and smaller!

Finally I started to cum, the horror of seeing my penis now only an inch long above my balls, which had shriveled to the size of grapes… but, I fell back as waves of pleasure swarmed my body, stumbling and moaning as the girls laughed and the most incredible orgasm I’d ever felt began rocking my body in waves, pushing aside the horror of what was happening.

The orgasm went on and on and soon, through the waves of pleasure I realized something wasn’t right.

I felt my cock and balls suddenly shift and… pull inside my body…

That’s when the pleasure changed, and I felt my first finger slide up inside of myself… fury and anger and humiliation filled my mind, as for a few seconds I thought these bitches were making me stick my own finger in my ass while they watched… but after a few seconds of the bizarre sensations coming from my crotch, I knew that wasn’t the case.

They made me slow down and work myself, turning towards Stacy’s big, round wall mirror so I could see what they’d done. See that they’d taken my cock and balls… and now I was fingering a tight, pink, female vagina! A pussy, between my own legs!

I tried to scream but only a soft moan came from my lips as the three girls giggled and waves of pleasure shot through me, unable to stop from watching myself in the mirror, the neatly shaved pussy wet and pink, a tiny patch of blonde hair shaved into a heart just above where my fingers were spreading the lips and finding the big, pink clit.

“You like that? I know how much you liked Stacy’s pussy… go ahead an answer me…” Stacy said angrily.

“Oh… god I hate… I hate how good this feels! Please… oh god… help! What… are you doing to me?” I squealed between moans.

“Keep working that little pussy, like you would Stacy’s… ” Wendy said and my finger sped up, working the clit and rubbing the lips, causing me to scream out like a girl just as I realized that I recognized the tuft of hair, the tight little lips, the bright pink clit… I had Stacy’s pussy between my legs!

Then things got really bad. They laughed and teased and called me names as they made me finger myself until I came, screaming like a porn star, unable to stop from the overwhelming intense pleasure coming from Stacy’s pussy, my mind in shock at the nightmare of having a female orgasm in front of my ex and her witch friends.

As I gasped and cried out unable to stop I realized that my voice was sounding really high… and that there was dirty blonde hair in my eyes!

As I’d cum, they’d used there fucking witchcraft to change my entire body… shrinking it, twisting it… until, as they made me stand and look in the mirror, I realized I was an exact twin of Pauline!

“Since you liked that cheating sluts body so much, and she’s not using it, I figured you should have it for a while!” Stacy said, moving forward and slapping my tiny, high ass as I stared in the mirror. I was at least a foot shorter, and a hundred pounds lighter, my form now petite and coltish, transformed into Stacy’s sexy, athletic 20 year old female body!

They made me dress up in her bikini’s and lingerie and dance for them, give them lap dances and then, when one of them found Stacy’s vibrator, fuck myself in front of them!

Even worse, the entire time they kept using that fucking rabbit’s foot!

“You will act like Stacy for the next week, doing everything she normally would… yoga, shopping, working at the hair salon, going clubbing… and if you don’t or you mention to ANYONE who you really are… well, lets just say you’ll be walking around in panties for a long, long time!”

I pleaded, begging for the to let me stop, in between moans and whimpers as I plunged the metal vibrator in and out of Pauline’s… my… pussy!

“Oh stop begging and crying, your ruining the fun!” Wendy said as she reached over and grabbed my left breast, pinching the soft, female nipple causing me to squeel.

“Yeah you little slut… should act like the whore you are when you’re horny, put on a big show like Pauline always did, you know how loud she always was during sex! You’ll always do the same thing when you’re getting that slutty little body off, because I wish you’d have to act just like Pauline did during sex, and you’d also have her same sex drive!” Stacy said as she walked forward and looked down at me as my tiny female hands worked the fake cock a full inch inside of myself, my eyes going wide with terror.

“Oh come on… I wish you’d stop pretending you don’t like that… I bet you’re even more of a slut than Pauline! In fact, I wish it! You’re twice… no three times the little tramp that she was, with three times the sex drive!”

I screamed in rage and lust as I suddenly plunged all seven inches of the vibrator inside of me, causing me to buck my hips and scream like I was in a porno movie!

“Yup, that body might look like hers, but I want you to really get to know it! I wish you’d act like her whenever anyone else besides us three are around, I wish you knew how to move and dress and act like a real sexy flirt, just like Pauline, you’d use all her make up tricks and all her skills at pleasing men… you know them all! You’ll spend the next week acting out her life, doing everything she’d do, while she runs around like the horny bitch she is, you can be the horny bitch she was!” Stacy said, the rabbit’s foot in her hand as I felt my brain swirl, waves of Pauline’s female thoughts spilling into my mind.

“Noooo… I’m a… oh god my pussy is so wet… I’m a man… I can’t… can’t have Pauline’s… oh god my clit is soooo sensitive… Paulines stupid thoughts!” I moaned as I fucked myself even faster. I slapped my hand over my mouth when I realized what had come out of my mouth, as all three girls roared with laughter and I tried to remember I was a really a fucking guy as girlish skills and memories and thoughts filled my brain.

“Don’t worry… you’ll have room for ’em in that little bimbo brain… I wish that they would replace everything you know about football and, oh how about cars…” Stacy said.

Suddenly it was true. Stacy had always hated when I watched football with my friends, as well as all the time I spent working on my big… uh… tall car thingy… a truck….

She took it all from me! When I try to think about football, I can’t even remember what my favorite team was… and my mind starts filling with urges to shop, and work out and go dancing….

“You fucking stupid bitch, stop this!!!” I yelled… but instead, I heard Pauline’s voice come from my mouth…

“I’m a fucking slutty bitch, I can’t stop this!” I screamed, and all three of them clapped and hooted as I started cumming, the vibrator buried deep inside my pussy.

The next two days were a living nightmare. Forced to go to work at the yoga gym that Pauline works at, wearing her tiny yoga outfit and feeling guys stare at me, unable to keep from styling my shoulder length hair and putting on the expensive, dark red make up Pauline always wore no matter how I tried to fight it.

Even worse, the fucking sex drive Stacy had cursed me with… the first day, as parked Pauline’s pink volkswagon and walked into her work, unable to stop since Stacy had commanded me to do it, I realized just how bad it was. The night before, I’d been forced to pleasure myself as those three bitches watched, and then passed out from exhaustion… but as I walked into work I really found out how bad things were when a huge, muscle bound gym rat walked up and grabbed my tight, firm ass, which I’d been unable to keep from having on display in the tiny yoga paints, or stop from walking with my hips swaying side to side, knowing how every dude I passed was staring at me… but I hadn’t planned on this.

Turns out, Pauline was having a… a fling with “Turbo” a huge, moronic steroid swollen oaf who worked in the gym next door. I tried to slap his hand away and tell him to fuck off, but instead I giggled… and talked to him for ten minutes, touching his arms, laughing at his stupid jokes… hating every minute stuck acting like Stacy, but unable to stop. Then, I realized something even worse…

I’d been staring at his crotch, where I could clearly see his huge bulge… and, this stupid, slutty body was reacting.

I spent twenty minutes in the women’s bathroom fingering Pauline’s horny, wet pussy until I finally came, watching her sexy body in the mirror on the back of the bathroom stall, I remembered how good she’d been to fuck… but soon, as this nympho sex drive Stacy had given me took over, I found my brain filling with thoughts of men… of Turbo’s bulge, what it would feel like to touch, and have him touch me… I started crying like a fucking chick after I came, my male mind furious that I’d been force to think about another dude while I masturbated, but my chick body crying instead of screaming, and I had to spend a half hour fixing my make up.

I could think half way straight again after getting off, and, after some douchey looking guy told me I looked gorgeous today while he leered at my tits I started running for my office.

“Hey, wait, I wondered if you were free this…” He yelled, and, I knew he was going to ask me out… and who knows what I’d say, thanks to those fucking bitches and their magic!

I slammed the door and turned off the lights, laying on the couch. I fell asleep, ditching a stupid meeting that I’d seen in my phone, fearing that Turbo or douche bag might be there, and was able to avoid doing anything unti 4pm. Then, I had to teach a fucking class, standing in the skin tight yoga outfit while three chicks and four dudes stared at me and I did stretches, much to the delight of that douche bag, who was pretending to do paperwork across the room but was fucking me with his eyes for the entire hour.

He tried to corner me after the class, but I ducked into the women’s showers, stumbled, and then saw a room full of naked babes… including one of the hottest chicks in town, the bimbo party babe that lived with Wendy and her step sister in that huge mansion, Rianne.

I put on Pauline’s sexy, black B cup push up bra, cursing myself that I’d missed Rianne changing out of her tiny work out outfit and into the skin tight pink mini skirt and tank top she now wore, realizing that my stupid chick brain had been wandering back to the way those stupid gym morons had stared at me… how they’d looked so big and powerful next to my tiny body… and, I’d missed a chance to see Rianne’s gigantic, huge, amazing tits, the ones I’d been dreaming about since she first moved to town a few months ago.

She asked me to go out for a drink, even though she was still in high school, she had fake ID, I knew for a fact since I’d actually gotten an amazing blow job from her in the back of a bar across town once a few months ago… Rianne was so fucking smoking hot I’d cum in like two minutes. She was built like a porn star, still in high school, but had tits bigger than any I’d ever seen. I’d danced with her a couple times at the local club, and she’d practically made me cum just rubbing her amazing, huge ass against my crotch. I’d thought about her tons of times while I fucked Stacy… and, after Stacy found out I’d cheated last week and dumped me, I’d even called her up for a date.

Now though, as she sat and told me all about how she’d gone on a date with some hockey player from the college upstate last night, and how she’d fucked him in the front seat of his car while he drove her home… her huge tits on display inches from me as she kept hugging me and giggling as I smiled and acted like a dumb bimbo, I felt my pussy starting to get wet. I needed to get out of here! She was turning me the fuck on… my male mind in this slut body was getting my stupid pussy wet again, and I wanted to be anywhere but here at this bar with the biggest slut in town, feeling the eyes of every guy in the place undressing both of us, and hoping that Rianne didn’t notice how my nipples were poking out from Pauline’s firm, high B cup breasts, clearly on display in the skin tight, button up silk shirt I couldn’t stop from wearing.

“Wanna’ go clubbing? Maybe meet some cute guys?” Rianne said as she finished, sweat trickling down my hairless thighs from how excited her story had gotten me, imagining watching her and her hockey player boyfriend fucking each other, sucking, his big cock sliding into her pussy, into her mouth…

“Fuck I need to go!” I yelled, standing up and running for the door. I felt the curse of Stacy’s wishes trying to force me to act like Pauline, to go out dancing with Rianne… but my male mind won out, and I ran for my car, desperate to escape.

I raced home, my hand working my tits and pussy through my clothes as my lust built, my mind filled with thoughts of fucking Rianne and her being fucked by her boyfriend and a three way with my old body and both of us… I hated it, but I was sooo horny.. my pussy was soaking wet… I had to get home.

I ran in the front door, raced to the dresser and pulled out the vibrator… and suddenly it started growing and shifting. I screamed and dropped it, as it swelled into a huge, black double headed dildo, at least a foot long on each fake cock, covered in veins and thicker than my stupid girl arms.

“Forgetting something?” Stacy and Wendy were standing there in Pauline… my room!

“No… I just….” I stammered.

“You didn’t play by the rules today did you?” Wendy asked.

“I… I…” I stammered and she commanded me to report on my day.

I stood, and they sat, while they made me tell them every detail. Putting on make up, the tiny outfits, guys staring, Turbo…

“Ooooh!” Stacy laughed. “Did you get all squishy after seeing his big muscles?” She asked. I couldn’t stop from answering anything they asked, and so, had to stand in utter defeat and humiliation as I told them how I’d gotten turned on seeing his cock through his pants, and then spent a half hour playing with my pussy and imagining what it would be like to touch his arms and his cock…

Then, they both started getting angry, after hearing how I’d hid, how I’d dodged the douchey guy at the office, how I’d used my female body to leer at Rianne, Wendy’s step sister, and then, refused to go to the work meeting or go out clubbing, even though they’d told me I had to do whatever Pauline would do.

“I thought that triple sex drive would do the trick…” Stacy said, but Wendy glared and grabbed the rabbit’s foot pointing it at me. I started pleading but she told me to freeze, strip and stand in front of the mirror.

“Stacy tried, but I’m MUCH better at this. I’ve had a lot of practice…” Wendy said standing behind me.

“Since you seem so fond of my stupid, bimbo, cum dumpster step sister… maybe you two should be a little closer….”

“I wish that instead of Pauline, you were… oh, how about the same thing I did to that fucking prick Ryan? You’re now Pauline’s 18 year old cousin, who’s a total slut, bimbo party girl, just like Rianne, her best friend, and, from now on, you’ll do anything she suggests, and do whatever you can to be like her. Since you like her so much, you can be her new sidekick… but, I don’t want you perving on girls in the locker room and getting your own constant peep show from Rianne… so I wish that you’re male sex drive is gone. You’ll remember it, but it will not excite you… instead, you’ll now be a total one hundred percent girly girl bimbo brained guy crazy cock slut!”

“Nooooo!” I screamed, feeling my body change as it aged backwards to a teenager, and my libido was twisted and forced into this perverted feminine prison. The rage filled me, and somehow I broke free from her commands and charged her, trying to grab the rabbit’s foot.

“Face the mirror!” She screamed, and I did.

“Now, let’s really teach you a lesson… I wish that you’d always dress and act as much like Rianne as possible whenever you are around anyone else. Let’s give you some of her looks too… I wish you’re body was a cross between Pauline’s and Rianne’s… and that you’d list ten things you think a dumb, slutty, sextoy babe should look like… and I wish you’d change to fit them all, making yourself into your own perfect high school boyhungry bimbo fuck doll!”

I stood helplessly as I shrunk, my ass widened and my hips shrunk…

“Long, bleached blonde hair…. with slutty streaks… maybe pink, real cheap, with matching make up…” I said, unable to stop myself as I watched myself shrink even more…

“I wish you would be two inches shorter than Rianne!” Wendy yelled as Stacy laughed, and I shrunk even more, knowing that Rianne was probably barely five foot one…. the two girls towered over me, my body now barely five feet tall, my hair growing down my shoulders, curly and bleached blonde… pink streaks appearing in it as my make up became heavy, cheap and also pink…

“Tongue piercing… nipples piercings… clit piercing… a really trashy, orange tan, with bikini lines…” I couldn’t fucking stop!

“Big, dick sucking lips…. slutty tattoos…” I said.

“Oooh yeah!” Stacy chimed in. “He always liked that, I saw him looking at chicks on line with all the horrible stripper tattoos….”

“What’s the sluttiest tattoo you ever saw on one of those girls you’d jerk off too?” Stacy asked.

I tried to stop myself, but I spoke… and now I have a giant tattoo right on my chest… that says… “Cum Slutt”

“A high dumb voice… a lisp… stupid when it comes to anything except fucking and partying… “

It went on and on. Pauline’s B cups had been bizarre enough, but now, I’m a half foot shorter still, and lugging around D cups tits! Even worse, there clearly fake, sticking off my tiny frame like I’m headed to a porno movie shoot. Rianne’s might be bigger, but on this tiny body mine look just as huge…

Last but not least…. Stacy asked me to pick out a real slutty bimbo name.

Now I’m Bambi Dickluv. That’s my fucking actual name!

Now, I’ve spent the last five hours as Rianne’s sidekick. She dressed me in this tiny bikini top and hot pants she had, and then we went to the beach, smiling and flirting with every dude we passed, my huge fake tits and “cum slutt” tattoo on display, as well as my gigantic nipples poking out like radio dials…(I’d mentioned that a bimbo should have huge, puffy, pierced, ultra sensitive nipples).

Soon, we met some of Rianne’s friends. I tried to sneak off, but Rianne said I should meet her friends and that she thinks I’d like this guy Jason… she said that she was sure we’d hit it off and make a great couple for a fun summer beach fling.

That was about five hours ago. I drank, I danced, I flirted… then, Rianne and I danced with each other, and she grinded on me and kissed me, driving the guys around us wild, but doing nothing for me since those witches had robbed me of my male sex drive….

“You gonna suck Jason’s cock? I bet you can’t wait to see how big it is… I know how much you love sucking cute guys dicks…” She whispered in my ear.

Twenty minutes later, behind some trees as the sun set, I found myself driven wild with desire and lust and the urge to suck the tall, dark skinned college athlete’s huge cock, moaning and fingering myself, playing with my tits… and swallowing every drop.

I couldn’t fight it anymore. We drove back to Rianne’s huge, mansion home with Jason and his friend, some big linebacker that Rianne was all over, and as Jason drove, Rianne began sucking the hulking football player off in the back seat… and soon, taking her lead, I started in on Jason’s cock again, but this time whipped out my big fake tits and rubbed them along it as it swelled to almost a foot long and he grabbed my nipples, playing with the piercings and the huge erect nubs while I liked him like a world class nympho cock sucker.

Now, in Rianne’s bedroom, I watch as she strips naked, then tells me to do the same. I marvel at her wetdream porno cartoon body, then at my own, smaller sidekick version of it… as I stare at her, longing for the feelings I should be having as she poses her giant tits next to my inpossibly sexy slut body in the mirror, but feeling nothing towards her… I know what’s going to happen… Rianne’s gonna’ fuck that guy all night long… and, feeling my body longing for that huge dick, I think I might too.

“Hey girl, get dressed, real sexy so he’ll fuck you real good! I can’t wait to get laid fuck I’m horny!” Rianne said, giggling and spraying glittery body lotion onto her huge tits and tiny waist.

You know? No chick is as much of a wet dream as her… I bet Wendy made her like this too. I bet Rianne used to be a lot different… maybe even a guy like me. I try to ask… but instead I studder and then..

“Mmmm gimme some of that, I wanna’ look real hot just like you… sucking that big dick made my lil’ pussy so wet…” came from my big, swollen BJ lips. Nothing asking her if she used to be a normal girl, a guy… who knows.

“You should really fuck him good, he’s rich I hear! I bet you could get him to buy you all kinds of nice gifts, and have fun with his big dick and sexy arms all summer long! Yeah… really fuck him good Bambi you little dick crazed slut!” Rianne said giggling as she slid a tiny, sheer white hooters t shirt over my tits, the bottoms hanging out and the nipples and piercings pressing against the see through shirt.
I slid into the tiny, skin tight daisy dukes that barely covered my pussy (I ripped off my panties when Jason told me to finger myself while he played with my tits in the car…)

I’m going to fuck his huge cock, lose my virginity, bounce on it until he shoots his cum inside my pussy… and I can’t fucking wait. I’m the horniest, boy crazy bimbo best friend Rianne could have, and I’m gonna’ get fucked my a guy just like her… and there’s nothing I can do about it except enjoy.


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