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Giving him a lesson

Seeing Michael now I must admit he changed a lot. He is my coworker and he’s been rude to me since he found out in my files that I was at the venus clinic to turn myself into the woman I am now. He became a real pain in the ass and I didn’t have a single day at work withouth him throwing insults at me. Read more

A Steep Price

It all started out one night at a bachelor party. Max was getting married, but his best friends Ron, Jeffery, and Michael were going to make sure that he was going to have one final night of freedom before tying the knot. It was going to be legendary, they’d been planning it for months. All the best booze, a limousine all to themselves, and of course the most popular strip clubs in town. The stage was set, it was going to be the best night they’d all had in a long time. Read more

Complete family part 2 of 3 (@barnes18)

When Brian got home his little sister Annie, who is now his daughter came up to them. “Are you mommmy and daddy now?” She asked with her eyes glowing. “Yes of course” My mom stroked Annie’s hair. “Yay!” She clapped her hands “Will daddy kiss mommy?” She asked. Brian’s mom didn’t hesitate. Brian was to slow to back away and ended up recieving a kiss on the lips. His face blushed red by the sudden act. Annie quickly lost interest and went back to play with her dools. Lindsay went to the living room while Brian stayed in place. He realized he has no idea what to do. Since being a grown up woman and a mother associated with a lot of responsibilities he couldn’t do the stuff he enjoyed as a teen. He needed to find new activities in his free time. Read more

Bikini Bottoms

Last year on our vacation to the beach, it was the first time I had let myself be seen in a bikini. I thought I looked pretty good, and with some creative tucking I barely had a bulge in my bikini bottoms. I was secure in the feeling that everyone believed I was a complete girl. Read more

Wrong surgery

I went to the hospital to get abdominal and pecs implants,I had always been very thin and short, my long blond hair didn’t help, and suddenly got tired about all the jokes about my girly figure, i bet nobody going to mess with me with my new manly muscles. Read more

Radical Transplant

Nathaniel was not well. It was an absolute certainty that he would soon die. Luckily, his family were rich and were willing to give up anything to keep him alive. So the doctors attempted a body transplant.
The operation was successful and Nathaniel’s mind was transferred to a young blonde woman’s body named Stella.
Nathaniel couldn’t help but check out Stella’s body in that hospital gown as he (she) came out of surgery.

The popular girl

My older brother Dan was working hard at his job and his boss finally noticed it. As a reward his boss got him a coupon for an age regression surgery. Dan was almost 30 years old so no wonder he tooke the ocassion to get younger. He went to the clinic and got prepared for the surgery. Unfortunately the doctors mistaken the patient card and it was too late when they noticed it. When my brother woke up he found out he is now a teenage girl. Read more

Abducted at night (part 2. Mike)

“This can’t be real, it’s not happening” I repeated, walking around the empty room, feeling the odd sensations my new body was giving me. “How is that even possible?” I tried to explain it somehow but i couldn’t. Yesterday i was a man, on my way with my friend to enjoy the best summer in my life, now i got kidnaped and forcefully changed into a woman. Read more

Abducted at night (part 1 .James)

Me and my friend Mike waited so long for this moment. It was summer and we decided to finally go on some vacations together. We packed our things and got into the car. Mike started the engine and we both left the town. “This is going to be awsome James” Mike said excited for this trip. We were in the middle of the way to our destination when the car engine started to overheat. “Damn it” Mike cursed seeing the smoke comming from under the hood. We barely made it to the mechanic when the car died a few meters before the workshop. Read more