Bikini Bottoms

Last year on our vacation to the beach, it was the first time I had let myself be seen in a bikini. I thought I looked pretty good, and with some creative tucking I barely had a bulge in my bikini bottoms. I was secure in the feeling that everyone believed I was a complete girl.

That was until a very good looking lifeguard crossed my path. I could tell by the bulge in his shorts that he had everything necessary to please a girl, and I found myself wishing I was that girl.

But my fantasies got the better of me and even though the hormones and blockers had left my penis almost unusable, I found that the erotic fantasy I was having was enough to give me an erection. The bulge in my bikini bottoms that was growing at an alarming rate, totally shattered my illusion of femininity. Everyone could see I had a cock poking out of my bikini bottoms.

I ran off the beach embarrassed and crying, and refused to be seen on the beach for the remainder of our vacation.

This year, I am back on the beach again. The bulge in my bikini bottoms is no longer from creative tucking, but due to a little bit of swelling after my surgery to cut the damned thing off. There is absolutely no chance of anything swelling or growing inside my bikini bottoms anymore. Just a pretty little slit where my cock used to be.

Next year though, I’m hoping that I am totally flat under my bikini bottoms. And if I ever run into that lifeguard again, I am hoping I can get a piece of that monster in his pants that caused so much trouble in the first place!


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