Abducted at night (part 1 .James)

Me and my friend Mike waited so long for this moment. It was summer and we decided to finally go on some vacations together. We packed our things and got into the car. Mike started the engine and we both left the town. “This is going to be awsome James” Mike said excited for this trip. We were in the middle of the way to our destination when the car engine started to overheat. “Damn it” Mike cursed seeing the smoke comming from under the hood. We barely made it to the mechanic when the car died a few meters before the workshop.

The creepy mechanic, as i called him in my head, looked at the engine. “No use” He shook his head. “There must be something you can do” I said. He looked at me and scratched his chin “I need parts for the repair and they won’t come until the day after tomorrow” He said. ” Just great” Mike mumbled under his breath. “If you don’t have anywhere to go you can stop at my place. I have some spare rooms”.

Without any alternative we accepted this guy’s offer and went to his home. He was very generous and he even made the dinner. Now i started to feel bad for thinking of him as some weirdo. After the meal i started to feel really tired. I decided it’s time to hit the sack, even if it was still early. As soon as i closed my eyes i fell asleep.

At about midnight i woke up. Someone was dragging me somewhere. I wanted to scream, i wanted to run but i couldn’t. “It must be a sleep paralysis” I thought and tried to calm myself. The mysterious man put me on a bed. I still couldn’t move no matter how hard i tried. The man was wearing a surgeon uniform and mask. “Everything is going to be alright sweetie” His whisper echoed in my head. Then he put an anesthesia mask on my face and in mere seconds i passed out.

When i opened my eyes it was already morning. My body was numb and i felt terrible. With great effort i pulled up myself to sit. Something was wrong. My body felt light and small and something was tickling my neck.
“Don’t force yourself sweethert. You need to rest” I noticed it was the mechanic, sitting next to me. “What have you…” I stopped. Why my voice sounded like that of a young girl. I realized then that something is warped around my chest. I looked down and saw a bra that covered my… Breats!? I had breasts! Immediately, despite the pain in every muscle i threw off the sheets covering my lower half. My jaw dropped. I was wearing panties but worse my manhood was missing. “What?! How?!” I started to panic. “Shhh. Everything is going to be alright my baby girl. Soon your mind will adapt and you will become my daughter. and after i finish with your friend our family will be complete” He said stroking my hair. “Look how pretty you are. I’m sure all girls will be jealous” He handed me a mirror. “I must go for now. Rest here my princess” He said and left. I couldn’t belive it. I stared mournfully at the teenage girl in the mirror, hardly beliveing it’s really me. I had to pinch myself to finally realize it’s not a dream but some weird reality i found myself in.


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