Abducted at night (part 2. Mike)

“This can’t be real, it’s not happening” I repeated, walking around the empty room, feeling the odd sensations my new body was giving me. “How is that even possible?” I tried to explain it somehow but i couldn’t. Yesterday i was a man, on my way with my friend to enjoy the best summer in my life, now i got kidnaped and forcefully changed into a woman.

When i went to sleep last night i didn’t expect anything bad to happen. I was really tired so i passe out in a second. At the middle of the night i woke up. Someone was dragging me through the corridor. I tried to move but my body was weak. I focused all my will and kicked the creep. I stood up, my head was spining but i fought. The man came up to me, i tried to punch him but he avoided my attack and stabbed me with a needle. The whole world became dark as i hit the floor.

When i woke up the sun rays blinded me so i covered my face with my hand. I noticed something weird. My hand was delicate with nails painted in a light pink, it looked like it belonged to a woman. Inspecting further i found out the hair on my hands disappeared, my skin was so smooth. Was this some kind of a joke? I sat on the bed, trying to adjust my eyes to the brightness. When i fully came to my senses i saw something i’d never expected to see from this perspective. I looked at a woman’s body. A nice pair of breasts, narrow waist, round hips and flat crotch all of this covered in lace underwear. “What the…” I jumped out of the bed causing my breasts to bounce uncomfortably. I touched them, they were so soft and so… real, but it can’t be real, i’m a guy.
“Already awake my love?” I nearly screamed hearing the voice behind me. I turned back quickly and almost fell on the floor, still not used to the diffirence in my body. “Keep it easy, your body is still adapting” He said softly. “What the fuck are you trying to do here?” I clenched my fists. “I know it must be hard my dear, but trust me, soon you will love it and you will be happy to be my wife” He smiled. “There is no way. I’d rather die” I protested. The man shook his head. “You won’t do this, we both know it” He came closer to me. I flinched away as he tried to kiss me. “We will work on this” He winked and backed away. “Where is James” I suddenly remembered i wasn’t alone here. “You mean our daughter Jenny? She’s resting, just like you should. Her mind will slowly adapt, just like your’s will soon.” He said slowly aproaching the door. “I can’t wait for our first family vacations” He turned before leaving. “Get some sleep Michelle” He said and left. I looked down at my body, hardly holding the tears forming in my eyes. This was supposed to be a great summer, instead i ended up as a wife of some creep.


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