Wrong surgery

I went to the hospital to get abdominal and pecs implants,I had always been very thin and short, my long blond hair didn’t help, and suddenly got tired about all the jokes about my girly figure, i bet nobody going to mess with me with my new manly muscles.

But due to a computer error, the nurses were preparing me for a different surgery,nobody suspected anything because of my girly figure, so, nurses removed me all my body hair with a lotion, i asked if this was a normal procedure, the just told me to calm down and relax, so i closed my eyes,and let them do their job, after a while, they begin to push my bed to the operating room and anesthetized me, until I fell asleep.

I do not know how long it was until i woke up, but when i did, i felt very dizzy and my whole body hurt, did not have strength enough to get out of bed, all i could see was the empty room and a large bandage covering my chest, it was disturbingly bigger than i expected.

I realized i had a remote in the left hand and press the button, soon, a nurse showed up in my room, she opened my files while told me that the surgery was a great success, i tried to talk to the nurse but i couldn’t, it was like i had something in my throat, she told me to stay calm, and called the surgeon.

the surgeon arrived and grabed my files without even look at me then after a few second he started to talk.

Doctor: “Good morning Wendy”

I though he was talking with the nurse.

Doctor: “the surgery has been an incredible success, after all, you got the implants that you wanted the XXL size, and according to your instructions we filled them to the limit with silicone”

I went into shock, this idiot surgeon gave me… breast implants??! i couldn’t think clearly or even talk, so i just started to cry

Doctor: “i know… i know you are so happy for it” he smiled to me “well what else?… yeah we fixed your vocal cords, so now you’re going to have that sweet, high voice you wanted, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to talk, i have to go now to get ready for your next surgery, the anesthetic has had to effect while we talked, and we will finally remove your penis, and gave you a new pussy to match with the rest of your body and you going to be 100% a woman”

It was crazy, how could this happen to me? i got huge breasts implants as the doctor said and i bet my voice was super girly too and im going to lose my cock and get a kitty??! if I was trying to look more masculine, i had gotten quite the opposite. before i could do anything i fall asleep totally terrified about the next surgery.

When i woke up after the last surgery i though everything about breasts implants and remove my dick was a horrific nightmare, but when i looked down the first two thing i saw were my huge and fake new breasts.

Me: “holy fuck they are massive!” I surprised myself by my new girly voice “oh god.. i sounds so stupid”

I placed my hands on my boobs and squeezed them softly, they are incredibly firm but they are also pretty soft and oh my god they feel so awesome, i moaned so damn loudly when my fingers reached my nipples, the nurse came fast to my bed and asked if everything was okay, i looked at her without stop to squeeze my new boobs.

Me: “what have you done to me??!!” *moans*

I told everything to the nurse, she looked very scared and before i could even finish to talk she ran away screaming for the name of my surgeon, so i was free to keep squeezing my boobs, i pinched my nipple and yelled again. then i realized that my feet were up in two holders, keeping my legs opened pretty wide and i remembered about surgery to cut my dick, i tried to reach with my hands but a huge puffy bandage was between my legs. at that moment the surgeon and the nurse rushed in the room and the doctor explained everything to me.

My record was swaped with a different one that came from wendy a boy called Wendy in an hormone replacement therapy to be a woman, the surgeon show me a pic of her before the surgery and i though it was my own pic we looked like twins, after that the doctor told me Wendy died in the surgery due a complication and i was declared dead some days ago, while they made a new identity for wendy as a woman, using my own DNA and fingerprints so so i am officially wendy.

I got really depressed, thinking about life the rest of my life with this massive boobs, the stupid voice and a cunt. after some weeks i was more calm and i was getting used to my new body, and was getting dressed to left the hospital and find a place in the world as wendy Whoopers.


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