Six Months

Hey roomie, welcome home.

What, this? Well, remember about 6 months ago when you left for your overseas deployment in the Navy? The job market was still really rough so I accepted a job at Hooters. The manager didn’t want to hire me because he only hired women. I told him I could pass as a girl so he hired me on the condition that I passed as a girl. If anyone ever realized I was a guy I would be out on the street.

After about a month I was getting tired of padded bras and falsies. I talked to a doctor about getting temporary implants and he said it would not be a problem. A week later I went in for the surgery. While they were prepping me for surgery another doctor came in and told me there had been a cancellation. Another TG was in for the complete surgery and it had to be cancelled. He never told me the circumstances or why. Anyway since the operating theater was already reserved, prepped and ready, would I be interested?

I told him I wasn’t a TG and that I was just getting implants to improve my job standing at Hooters. He told me that this would definitely help in that department. No more tucking and no unsightly bulges in those tight tight shorts Hooters girls wear. I told him I didn’t have any of the required documentation to have this done.

He said that they could work around the documentation, and to add incentive they would offer the procedure at half price if I was willing to sign a waiver stating I wouldn’t sue later. But I had to make the decision immediately.

With the hard sell on, I agreed to the procedure. Half a day later I was the girl I never expected to be.

That was six months ago. And, they were right, my tips at Hooters improved significantly. Eventually I said goodbye to Hooters and went to work at a strip joint on the other side of town. My tips almost tripled!

Anyways, it looks like I have finally healed. You can’t even tell where the scars were.

So what do you think? Do you like how things turned out?


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