The popular girl

My older brother Dan was working hard at his job and his boss finally noticed it. As a reward his boss got him a coupon for an age regression surgery. Dan was almost 30 years old so no wonder he tooke the ocassion to get younger. He went to the clinic and got prepared for the surgery. Unfortunately the doctors mistaken the patient card and it was too late when they noticed it. When my brother woke up he found out he is now a teenage girl.

The doctors were terribly sorry and they promised a huge recompensation for this accident. Of course it won’t give back him his manhood but at least it was something. Dan had a hard time getting used to his new body. Since he was to young to go back to work he had to quit his job and start highschool again. He also had to change his name to Daniele and move in to our parents house.
I became his guide and helped him in becoming a girl. I taught him how to dress up properly, how to do his make up, all about mannerism and behevior and of course how to take care of his body.
With some time he was getting it and slowly we could see the effects. He was becoming the teenage girl he was now and no one would belive that he was a man before.

Three months after the surgery Daniele had completely adjustet to this life. She even enjoyed it. When i asked her to go somewhere together she smirked and told me she’s got a date. Great. Daniele is now the most popular girl at school and it’s the fourth boy who asked her out. As much as i love my sister i can’t deny that i’m starting to get jealous.


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