Curiosity killed the cat….

“Oh my, dear. What have you done to yourself?”

John opened his eyes, surprised to find himself looking up at his wife, Amy.

“What the hell? How did you get so big? The spell was supposed to turn me into your fantasy lover, ” said John with shock.

Amy giggled as she looked down at her husband, once a large hulking muscle-bound tiger now a diminutive little kitten.

“My dear John… I haven’t grown a bit. I’m afraid you have shrunk. You see, my fantasy lover is a petite little thing that I can manipulate and dominate. A cute submissive little girl….”

John lifted his tank top and was surprised to see two large breasts on his smooth hairless chest. He reached up and felt one with his left hand.

“Yes, they are quite lovely, ” said Amy as she reached up to touch the other one with her left hand.

John’s right hand shot out and grabbed it, trying to stop her. Amy glared down at him, her eyes flashing with anger.

“You shouldn’t have done that, my little pet. Now you must be punished. It looks like I will need to teach you how its going to work around here now. I am the one in charge and I get what I want, ” she said, reaching up with her right hand and roughly grabbing his breast, teasing it in her hand.

“Yes, lovely, ” she said huskily, lust dripping and oozing out of her voice. “Now I think I better get changed before we begin your training. I suggest you join me.”

Amy confidently walked to their bedroom. John began to desperately paw through the strange spellbook he found in Amy’s closet, trying to find some way to reverse the spell. But his new mistress was not patient.

“That wasn’t a request, my little pet. Come… Now!” she commanded.

John found himself compelled to obey, dropping the book and marching involuntarily up to his new mistress, sitting on their bed.

“Yes, even better than I hoped. You have to obey my every command. You are helpless to my every whim. This is so delicious. I can’t wait to begin, ” said Amy with a wicked smile. “You can start by helping your mistress change her clothes.”

John quickly began to undress Amy. He didn’t like the way it felt when she commanded him and he lost all control of his body. He was eager to please Amy to avoid forcing her to do it to him again.

“Good, my little pet. You are learning. Your training may be easier than I thought. But I still plan to punish you… a lot,” she said with a smile, looking up at his nervous face with satisfaction. “You know, John, you really shouldn’t snoop into other people’s things, even if they belong to your wife. And you really shouldn’t dabble in magic until you are sure you know what you are doing. But I must say, I am glad you did, my curious little kitten. “


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