Conditioned to Perfection (Part 3 of 3)


“Calm down, Sissy. My cock’s not going anywhere.”

*Giggle* “Of course, Master.”

Silly me. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in sucking my Master’s cock, I forget to pace myself. I know Master doesn’t like to rush. He wants us both to be completely satisfied. And I always am.

“I just can’t help getting excited every time I see your beautiful cock!”

“I know, Sissy, I know.”

God, I love my life. While my Master’s off at work, I get to stay home and make myself beautiful for him. Then I pleasure myself to the thought of his magnificent cock until he gets home. I rarely wear clothes unless he wants me in some sexy outfit. It’s truly a wonderful life.

I think back on my time as a man. All my worries, all my problems. I have none of that now. Now, I’m simply my Master’s obedient fuck-toy. All I have to worry about it pleasing him. And that’s never too hard.

“Please Master, please cum on my face! I just love the taste of your cum!”

“Oh, alright. If you insist.”

“Thank you, Master!” *Giggle*


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