The Event Pt: 2

opened the top drawer of the dresser to find three articles of clothing: a pink tank top, a tiny pair of denim shorts, and a leopard print thong (ugh). After examining the rest of the drawers and finding them empty (fuck), I proceeded to get dressed in the outfit provided. I pulled on the tank first in an attempt to cover my boobs (now there’s a thought I never thought I’d have!), but in doing so the soft material rubbed against my new nipples. Oh! I let out a small gasp as an electric feeling of pleasure radiated from my boobs and nipples became rock hard. Holy crap is this how all women feel?! Once the tingling waves dissipated, I pick up the thong and ran the skimpy garment through my tiny fingers. Good lord this is barely even clothes! It’s just a tiny piece of satin that covers the front and a smaller piece that goes up the ass! Groaning a little I held the thong out and stepped in, then pulled it up all the way up letting the band go with a *snap* on my hip. Wow, the material feels so good on my soft skin, causing a warm tingle to begin to grow in my… (No! I’m not thinking about that right now!). Pushing those thoughts out of my head I put on the shorts, it went well until getting to my ass where it took several pulls and an embarrassing little hop to get the shorts over my ass. Good lord I’ve been a woman for all of 20min and I am already over dressing like one. Also, why the hell aren’t there any shoes here? Way to drop the ball creepy kiddnappercultpeople.

With that the door opened and two HUGE men entered the room. Dressed in matching FBI-style, cheap black suits they towered over my new form, making me feel uneasy.

“Alright ma’am, follow us and don’t try anything funny.” Thug 1 said, flexing his generous muscles. Thug 2 just stared menacingly (he’s clearly seen one too many movies).

“Yeah sure, whatever you say big guy.” I said, trying to sound sarcastic but my new voice made it sound vaguely flirty. The gigantor twins step out of the way to allow me to pass, I walked in between them without making eye contact. They followed me out of the room staying a step or so behind me (God, totally just to watch me walk). Dammit, this floor is cold, seriously why the hell does a place that turns men into women skimp on shoes?!

We walk down a long hallway painted institutional white and lined with doors identical to the one we just left. Were there more people like me in there, or worse? As we approached a set of double doors Thug 2 put a hand on my shoulder bringing me to an abrupt stop. I look up to see him staring down at me.

“See something you like babe?” He said with a greedy grin. Thug 1 gave him a nasty look at entered a code on a nearby keypad. With an audible click the doors unlock and Thug 1 opens one side holding it for us. A big hand firmly pops me on my ass, causing me to yelp and jiggle in places I didn’t know could jiggle. I quickly stepped forward as Thug 2 chuckled at my embarrassment.

“What the hell are you doing?” Thug 1 reprimanded his partner.

“Just having some fun, besides you know she likes it.” Thug 2 responded. “Isn’t that right babe? You enjoy the attention of a REAL man. No need to answer, your tits give you away!” He said laughing. I look down to see my nipples poking out through my thing tank top (shit!). Blushing I fold my arms across my chest trying to hide them. “Aw look we have a shy one! Well baby I can break you out of your shell.” He said, grabbing me by the wrist and pulling my hand to his crotch (he’s making me touch his cock!). “There you feel that? I bet you want to give a real feel, it’s huge and it’s ready to tear your ass up!”

“Cut the shit Dan. You know what happens if you mess with the girls.” Thug 1 said.

“Fuck off Steve! I bet you want a taste of my cock too you fucking-” Dan’s sentence was cut short by a loud *ZAP* and a flash. Next thing I know he’s convulsing and then falls backward hitting the floor hard. Behind him is standing Mindy with a less-than-amused look on her face.

“What is going on here?” Mindy snapped at Steve.

“I am sorry ma’am, the new guy-” Steve began obviously freaked.

“Again?! We have had complaints about this one before and he knew he was on thin ice.” She said giving the unconscious Dan a nasty look. “Don’t worry hun, he will be punished severely for this.” Mindy said glancing at me.

“You,” Mindy said addressing Steve. “Drag this sexist slab of meat to an empty examination room. How we let him through our screening process I don’t know, but we can’t have this behavior.”

“Yes, ma’am. I warned him”

“Well, at least one of you is reliable. I will escort the subject the rest of the way.” She said

“Yes, ma’am, of course ma’am.” Steve said lifting Dan up under the arms and proceeding to drag him back down the hallway.

“Come along dear, we have to get you to your orientation. This little fiasco has put us behind schedule!” Mindy said putting a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

“Orientation?” I manage to ask, still shook up from what just happened. I feel so… weak.

“All will be clear soon hun, now let’s go.” Mindy said leading me on.


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