A lesson in womanhood

I was always a little old fashioned, I believed a woman’s place was at home, caring for the house while the husband went out and provided for the family. That outlook also extended to the way I thought a woman should act, deferring to her husband in all aspects of life, including the bedroom.

Looking back I have no idea how I scored Katie with that outlook, she was a bombshell blonde with a nice curvy body and an appetite for sex that could not be satiated. The problem was my outlook on life, for a couple years she went with it, trying to subtly change my ideas, becoming more vocal on things, speaking her mind, things like that. Finally I had enough and we got into a big argument about what I thought a woman’s proper role was before she stormed out of the house.I went to bed that night figuring my marriage was over, but how wrong I was.

I had always known that Katie was into witchcraft, but I figured it was just a lot of hocus pocus nonsense. The first indication I had was when I woke up and tried to move. My hands were restrained over my head, and looking down I saw two tremendous globes sitting on my chest. I freaked out and tried to scream but my mouth was also covered with tape, so hardly a sound came out.

“Well hello there.” I heard Katie say from the darkness, and she flipped on a light, revealing her perfect naked form. “I thought it might be useful seeing things from the other side, since you are all about male superiority, let’s see how you are now since you are no longer a man.”

She got onto the bed, straddling me. My skin felt silky smooth and as she got on top I could feel our skin gliding across each other, it was far more sensual than I had ever felt as a guy, and I felt a new sensation, my new pussy wetting itself. She didn’t seem to notice and started kissing neck, causing me to shudder with delight, after a few minutes of this she moved away and rested her hands on my huge tits. She started massaging my nipples which were hugely sensitive and I involuntarily arched my back as she continued.

Finally she got to the main course, and moved down to my pussy. Again she took her time, teasing me, kissing and licking my legs and around it before diving right in. This blew every blowjob I had ever received out of the water, with every nerve ending in my body seeming to be concentrated on my clit. Then just when I thought things couldn’t get better I felt a buzzing noise, and seconds later that buzzing hit my pussy, causing me to gasp as Katie pushed a vibrator into me. I was in total ecstasy and even with my mouth duct taped, the groans of pleasure as I came were unmistakable.

For several moments my entire world was a supernova of pleasure, and as I came down from my sexual high I felt Katie release my bonds and free my mouth. “So, what do you think?” she asked as I lay there panting. My only response was to attack her, pushing her over on the bed so I was on top, and applying some of the things I had just learned with my new anatomy to drive her into just as much of a frenzy as I had been in.

Finally after several hours of hot lesbian sex, we fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I was back to my old self, but seeing how enjoyable it was to be submissive every now and then our relationship changed after that. I treated Katie as an equal in our relationship, just as I always should have, our sex lives improved dramatically, and from time to time she changes me back into that busty babe just to spice things up.


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