I don’t believe I’m about to do this. I can feel her hand on my head, softly, but at the same time commanding. I feel the carpet texture on my knees making my position crystal clear.

“Look at him, dear.” Her hand applied just a little more pressure on my head; I obey, raising my head a little. He was already looking down at me. I saw lust in his eyes. I feel minuscule; he seems so big, so strong, so manly. The exact opposite of me.

“Open your mouth.” Her voice was sweet but dominant. I open, scared about what’s about to come. She grabs his cock with her other hand and bring it closer to my face. I can smell it now, and I know I will taste it in seconds.

“You’re such a good girl.” She strokes the cock and pets my head at the same time.

“Who would think that our arrogant, nasty boss would become such a cute, obedient girl?” Her voice was cynical now. He chuckles. The man which cock will be the first to enters my mouth. The man who used to lower his head to me by respect and not to see me at his feet about to sexually please him.

“It’s funny isn’t it? He’s exactly where he wanted me to be. He tried so many times to put me on my knees for him. But guess who’s on the floor now?” They laugh. “Poor guy, he really thought I would bend for him just because I was a woman and his secretary.” Her hand kept caressing my hair. “But, well, look how I’m kind! Now I’m giving him the chance to live as he believes a woman should. He will always be this submissive and willing to please any man who wants, and of course, he will never be able to be much more than what he’s now, a receptionist. After all, that’s the only kind of job a woman like him is able to perform. Oh wait, I’m wrong, there’s another kind of job he can do!” Her hand pushes my head forward, and I feel the warm hard cock entering my mouth.


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