*Moan* “Thank you, Master.”

Once there was a young man. He was very average in almost every way.

One day while the young man was out walking, someone knocked him out. When the young man came to, he was in a small, windowless room.

The young man was very worried. “Where am I?” he wondered.

Almost immediately, a screen that was previously unnoticed flickered on.

“Hello there,” a man on the screen spoke.

“What the hell is this!? Where the hell am I!?”

“Ahahah…” the man on the screen tutted. “That’ll cost you.”

The screen turned off. And… nothing.

Three weeks went by. Food was brought, but the bringer was never seen. The young man hadn’t even seen his own reflection in all this time. Then…

“Hello again.” The man on the screen finally re-appeared.

“Oh thank god!” the young man praised. “Please, please don’t go away.”

“That’s better,” the man said. “I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here. Well, it’s rather simple: I’m going to make you into my submissive little slut.”

“Over my dead body!” the young man screamed. Since he had no reason to speak until now, the young man, for the first time, really noticed how different his voice sounded. It was… feminine.

“I thought you’d have learned your lesson by now. Oh well… eventually, you will.”

The screen went black.

“No!” the young man (now woman?) shouted. But it was no use. The man was gone.

Four months pass.

“Hello again.”

“I… p…please… There’s… there’s n… nothing… Please… give me… something to do… anything…”

“There. I think I can work with this.”

From then, it was simply a matter of giving this beautiful young woman a little attention. Simply being around her master was complete ecstasy. And when he touched her…

“Ohhh… ohhh god, master… I love you… I love your dick… Thank you.”


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