When Henry swapped with Joselyn, it was to take her place for her to get her GHD, as a stripper she had not even graduated high school. However, Henry would quickly learn, Joselyn had no intention of swapping back. Henry was rich, attractive for a man, and had a bright future ahead of him. The “taking the test for her because she’s too dumb” was just a ruse.

When Henry found out she didn’t want to swap back, leaving him stuck with her body, her “job”, and her heavy jugs and indoor plumbing, he freaked a bit, though he had gotten used to it being her for two days prior.

“Good luck and good bye Henry, now Joselyn, you’ll do better as a stripper than I did. By the way your full name is Joselyn Jugs, rather fitting right? Have a nice life, baby cakes, “said the new Henry.

New Joselyn screamed as she grabbed what would now be her jugs for life!


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