Phone app

“What else should I change?” I asked myself while browsing through the app options. I had already altered my body completely. The first thing I had tried was growing breasts. I changed my eye and hair color, my body shape, my gender, my face, everything.

Back in highschool I had a crush on Emily. But sadly Emily was a lesbian. “Since I have the mind of a guy, I guess I am a lesbian too” I said and giggled. I continued browsing through the different app options, I couldn’t believe it even had an option for furries. As I browsed, I mistakenly pressed on the “straight” option. I wasn’t thinking about Emily anymore. Instead, I was thinking of her brother Tom. Part of me wanted to undo the changes, but it also felt right liking guys.

As I analized my options, I walked to the bathroom. “I have to pee” I said. After relieving myself, I accidentaly dropped my phone in the toilet. “Shit!” I said, but it was too late, the phone had short circuited. Leaving me stuck as a woman. But that didn’t bother me, I actually felt happy I now had no choice but to start a new life as a woman. I got dressed and went out looking for a guy to score with.


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