Breast Impressed

Jeff had made a wish the night before, as he had so many other nights that he would wake up a beautiful woman. He wasn’t specific, but in his mind he had an idea of what he wanted. Being a man his entire life, he had somewhat extreme ideas of his features, of course the large breasts being one of them, along with an ample bottom, narrow waist, and wide hips. If he was going to wake up a woman, he wanted to be as far away from being a man as possible, and being somewhat ultra feminine, this would happen.

When he woke, he was shocked at first, he never expected it to actually happen, and when he shot up from bed, his body moved and jiggled in ways he never thought possible. As he felt his new large natural breasts, and the long golden soft silken locks of hair cascading around his new face, along with his soft delicate new body and tiny hands, he realized he got exactly what he wanted. He rang in the words in his head, “Be careful what you wish for,” but he is glad at what he just got. As he moved to a mirror, he now she smiled, and spoke for the first time in her new voice.

“Oh, wow, I can’t believe this is happening. I’m a woman, a real woman, and a whole lot of woman too. Look at these, simple amazing! This hair, these boobs, this butt, oh this skin is so soft, I’m so short now, and my feet and hands are so tiny and cute. My face is pretty, and most of all I feel wonderful. I might not be a super hero, but right now I feel like Wonder Woman, and I guess I am a bit, because I’m a wonder at my womanly body. Whoever granted this wish, thank you, today Jessica is born,” said Jeff, now renaming herself Jessica.


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