White inferiority

“I’m sorry for being a racist bitch master.” Juliet whimpered looking up at her latest client.
“Shut up bitch or you don’t get my cock.”
“Sorry master.” She sucked the tip titfucking him.
Juliet seemed perfect for her life, as if she was born to it and in a way she was.
Jonathan was a racist, swastika tattoo, constant comments and complaints about anyone not ‘white’, though his definition of white was pretty strict. At first I was meant to help him in a more traditional way, but even I got annoyed after the tattoo. The final straw was when he called me to bail him out after a fight, I won’t repeat the term he used to describe the others in the fight but it wasn’t remotely kind, and so I brought him back to him place.
“This place is a shit hole.” Were the last words he ever said.
I knew his family wanted nothing to do with him, so I could work freely, no cover up or loose ends. First I got my own fun making him a dumb little asian chick, all giggles and obedience to repay me for the bail, then I started making Juliet. The first thing I knew she’d need a big booty and a huge rake to match, then some big lips and a Mediterranean complexion, next was rewiring her brain, making her love sex and use it to make up for her racist past. Now I pimp her out to any guy she would have hated as Jonathan.


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