Keeping him busy

Jack was not really having a good day.

It started off when he woke up in his sister’s body and was forced by her in his body to take her biology exam which she needed to pass if she was going to get full credit.

After she made her body presentable she sent him off to school to do her exam.

He knew he would pass as it was exactly the same exam he passed last year.

After a disturbing and uncomfortable day in his sister’s body dealing with her annoying friends, horny boyfriend and her body’s general peculiarity he was looking forward to getting back his own.

But after waiting over an hour for his sister to come and pick him up he tried to phone her but noticed her mobile was out of credit.

Using one of the schools pay phones he phoned his sister who was not picking up which made him slam the phone down several times.

Before setting off for the 3 mile walk back home in a pair of really uncomfortable shoes.

When he got home he discovered from his mother who had no idea about the body swapping.

That Jake had moved out and had gone to live with his girlfriend.

He could not believe his sister had run off with his body his girlfriend and his car leaving him trapped for the time being as her which was just a perfect ending to the crappiest day he had ever had.


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