Something is wrong with the neighbor

When Monica came back from work she found her husband John on the couch mumbling to himself “I’m an old black guy, I’m an old black guy”. In their 30 years of marriage she never saw something like this. When she aproached her husband he jumped out of the couch and in complete hysterics begin claiming that he is Alex, the young woman living across the street and that her body was stolen by Monica’s husband. Monica was ready to call for help thinking her husband went crazy but something inside was telling her she should at least check on her neighboors just to make sure her husband didn’t do anything stupid.

Monica was ready to knock at the door but John pushed her away and rushed into the neighboors house. Monica followed him immidiately inside. In the living room they found Alex and her husband Mike, both naked as Alex was riding his cock.

“Mr Morgan!?” Alex shouted comming down from Mike and qucikly putting on panties and a top. Mike just took a pillow to cover his private parts and waved at his nieghboors “Hello” He smiled awkwardly. Monica’s face turned red, she was probably more embarassed than the young couple. “Give it back!” John shouted. furious Monica dragged her husband outside and went to apologize. She explained everything about how her husband went crazy. Alex seemed concerned about John’s mental state and asked if there is anything she could help with but Monica said it’s something she has to deal with. Monica apologized once again and took her husband back home despite his protests.

“That was weird” Mike said. “Sure it was” Alex said looking through the window. “So, shall we continue?” Mike put away the pillow from his crotch revealing his already erected member. “Just let me take a drink first” Alex went to the fridge but instead of opening it she reached her hand behind the fridge an pulled out a small remote. “Guess I will have to fix a few things or else she will keep bothering us” John who was really in Alex’s body said to himself. He put back the remote and went to finish his busines with Mike.

An hour later John in alex’s body knocked at the door. When Alex saw her body standing before her she immidiately started to scream. “My body! Give it back you perv!” Alex was really furious. “I’ll be taking this” John pointed the remote at her and pushed the button. The anger In Alex’s eyes suddenly diapeared. She looked at John like nothing happened. “Alex? How can I help you?” Alex who was now completely brainwashed asked. “Hello Mr. Morgan. I was just checkig out since your wife was saying some strange things” John said. “Strange things? What the hell she told you” Alex asked. “Well… How to say it… She is claiming that you went crazy Mr. Morgan” John said. “Me?! Crazy!? Is she out of her mind?! I swear to God that woman is really getting on my nerves sometimes” The fake John shouted. “Well then. I see you seem allright so I’m going back to my house. Bye Mr. Morgan” John smiled and went across the street. “This is going to be great” John said to himself excited being in a younger body.


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