Family Photo

Paul and his sons Carl, Terry, and Grady always treated Lucy like trash. She regretted ever marrying someone like Paul. One day, she happened across a strange occult shop that appeared one day while she was out trying to find a gift for Paul’s birthday. After looking around for a while, she found an old camera. She couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to buy such an old piece of junk when they could just take pictures with their phones. The shop owner told her that the camera was extremely unique. The old woman took a picture of herself with it and transformed right before Lucy’s very eyes. Shocked, Lucy immediately purchased the camera.

The next night, at Paul’s favorite restaurant, Lucy was not surprised that Paul and his boys expected her to pick up the tab for all of them. She plastered on a smile and stood up to take a picture of the four of them with her new camera. The four of them smiled for the camera after telling her to make it quick. The camera flashed in an instant and the four of them were changed forever.

“Paula” and her daughters “Carly”, “Terri”, and “Grace” hadn’t even realized what had happened. Lucy laughed at the MASSIVE tits of her former husband and the buxom beauties that her stepsons had become. It turns out that the camera permanently transformed those that it photoed into their idea of a perfect mate. It was then that a young, handsome, exotic man arrived to take his new girlfriend Lucy back to his place. Lucy giggled and winked at her boyfriend (formerly the shop owner that sold her the camera) as she walked away with him. As Lucy left, she told Paula and her daughters to enjoy their new lives as strippers and porn stars. The busty girls looked down at their bulbous bazongas in total shock.


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