New life.

I had my body stolen by a prostitute I picked up one night on my way home from work.

After we did it and I cumed across her face she said some strange words and suddenly I found myself staring up at my own body.

My own cum dripping off her face that felt warm and sticky and tasted slightly salty which almost made me sick.

After the initial shock wore off I demanded to know what she had done to me.

She just looked at me and said she had enough of her life and I was just the lucky bastard she had decided to swap with.

I stumbled out of bed almost falling over with the weight of her breasts on my chest and tried to throw a punch and knock her to the ground but she just pushed me back onto the bed.

She told me there was no point in fighting as it was a one-way spell and I was now trapped as her.

She put $50 on the bedside table out of my own wallet before she got dressed in my clothes.

She told me before leaving the apartment that this is where you live now and everything else you need to know like how much to charge for what, how much percentage of your takings your pimp gets and all the other little things like bank account and social security number is in a folder in the top drawer of your chest of drawers with all your underwear.

I watched her leave as I lay on the bed hot sticky and covered in my own seed with no idea what to do next.

I sat there all night thinking of a way of getting my body back and trying not to break down into floods of tears.

So her pimp was not happy the next morning when he came around to collect his cut and saw I had only earned $50 which did not make him very happy.

So my plans of getting my body back were put on the back burner as my pimp was now keeping a close eye on me and making sure I bring in the money by aligning up with client after client every night.

So I had little time to get used to my new body gender and career.

I had to get used to being a prostitute pretty damn quickly which was not easy but now 5 months down the line.

I have accepted my fate and believe it or not I had started to quite enjoy myself and the taste of man no longer makes me sick and I no longer rub my skin raw at the end of the day.


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