Break up

I’m sorry about this James but it was the only way i could get back to being a guy. I really feel terrible for stealing your body. You were so nice to me but in order to lift the curse i had to trully fell in love with someone. Its also hard for me but i was stuck in a girl’s body for 20 years. Can you imagine suddenly becoming a 5 year old girl? You can hate me now but what choice do i have. We had some amazing moments together and i will recall them for the rest of my life but now it’s time we part away. I truly loved you but it’s better that we go our separate ways. I hope you quickly adjust to this body, you’re really beautiful and smart so you won’t have a problem with finding someone else. Take care of this body, i sure will take good care of yours. Oh, and just in case if you think about passing the curse on someone else, don’t bother. The curse can be passed to someone you love but it works until your 25th birthday which is tomorrow. I doubt you will find love in one day so it’s better to give up. Good bye James. Have fun in your new life as Erica.


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