Finding the perfect body

“I told you i can do this” Luke smiled from his co worker’s body. “Ho…How were you able to do that?” Brittany was clearly surprised to suddenly find herself in a male’s body. “It’s my secret power. I was able to swap bodies since i was a kid” Luke said. “Ok i belive you. Now swap us back” Brittany demanded. “You see, the problem is i don’t want to” Luke smiled. “What do you mean you don’t want to? Swap us back” Brittany shouted. “For all my life i’ve been swapping with diffirent people, trying out their lives but none of it seemed so satisfy me. But your body is diffirent. I feel so great, so natural like it was supposed to be mine” Luke said admiring his new cleavage. “There is no way i’m giving you my body” Brittany was angry. Luke sat on the cupboard and smoothed his dress. He looked at Brittany and smiled. “And what are you going to do? If you tell someone nobody is going to belive you. You’re going to end up in a mental hospital” Luke said. He jumped off the cupboard and went closer to Brittany who stood there shocked by the whole situation. “Don’t worry, you will adjust to your new body.” He said stroking her cheek. “Now excuse me, i have to get familiar with your wonderfull body” He said and left Brittany alone.


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