I Just Wanted A Peek

It was the Summer where I lived and that meant getting to catch a peek on my hot neighbour Jenna suntanning outside all Summer long. I had been doing so for a few years now since she got her huge rack. Now we were both about 18 and I was very horny. I snuck up on the fence dividing our properties and put my eyes through the crack in the fencing to catch a peek. There she was, lying ass up on a brightly coloured towel near the family pool. Her hot body glistened in the July sun.

I watched her silently while stroking my hard erection for about 10 minutes. This is when I heard a loud noise nearby that startled me. I stumbled on a twig near me and made a loud noise. Jenna looked up immediately and saw me through the fence. She started yelling and got up as I ran away. She said something strange and snapped her fingers, I couldn’t move an inch. I then felt very warm as waves of heat spread throughout my body. I seemed to shrink in height by a whole foot. My hair shot upwards into a ponytail. Large breasts bounced outwards from my small chest. My ass did the same and I felt heavier there too.

Jenna unfroze me and I immediately stumbled like before but onto my bubbly ass. She giggled and and told I was pretty cute for a pervert. I was dumbfounded at what happened in such a short span of time to me. She then went on to tell me that she had made it so that I had been born a girl, her best friend in fact. I wasn’t convinced but she said that the spell she had cast was in fact irreversible. Another effect of the spell had made into a total girly girl like Jenna. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be spying on girls anymore.


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