I couldn’t believe Emily was almost naked. And best of all standing right infront of me asking for sex. It was hard to believe just two hours ago she was my best friend Tom. Her first reaction was denial, she even kicked me in the nuts and ran away.

And now, it’s like her mind changed too. She even walked sexily swaying her ass like a model on a catwalk. She unzipped my pants and started giving me a handjob. She pretended to kiss my cock. “You want more?” she asked. “YES!” I eagerly answered. “Ok” she smiled, “Say you love me, say you always want to be with me” she said. I repeated exactly what she said, “I love you! I always want to be with you”. “You want Emily! you want to be me” she said. I didn’t notice how she phrased it, but I repeated what she said none the less. “I want Emily. I want to be her”.

Right then I swapped places with her. I was now holding what used to be my cock with my new slender hands. I didn’t even have time to react. Emily, now in my body, made me suck it. I wanted to hate it, but I was enjoying every bit. And when we had sex, the deal was sealed. I knew who I used to be. But the spell had made me a girl. And one that wanted to remain a woman.

Tom wanted to explain himself, but I told him there was no need and thanked him. Since then we have been dating, and having sex every single night.


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