Rookie Mistake

“That can’t seriously be Matt can it?”
“Yep, he ran into Jessica last night at the bar”
“Your ex-girlfriend the witch?”
“He might have called her a slut”
“Ah, well that explains it”
Jessica wasn’t in the mood for dealing with Matt’s shit last night. It might have been a bit harsh to turn him into a curvy blonde slut but at least he’d learn a lesson. He’d wake up back in control of his body in the morning, although he’d remember everything from last night. Even the hour he’d spent with the college quarterback.
Over the next few weeks Maddy struggled to adapt to her new curvaceous figure, especially her huge new ass. It wouldn’t get any easier either because Maddy’s one night without control of herself had resulted in her getting pregnant. One thing was for sure, he’d made a rookie mistake that night at the bar.


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