Congratulations Stan

Stan’s mouth opened in shock as he read text, “Congratulations Stan, you’re no longer a man!”

Sure enough he dropped the phone in horror, realizing he was much shorter, his hair much longer, and his chest way bigger. He wave even wearing a cleavage revealing dress and a pair of sparkling sandals. Stan should have known why this happened, he had taken his friend Ned’s sister Liza’s virginity, and had drugged her up to do it.

Somehow before Stan could assess all the changes, he felt woozy like he was high, and then entered the blurry image of Ned. Ned smiled and unzipped his trousers.

“Well, Stacy, looks like it’s time to take your virginity babe, now bend over this table I’ll make it quick and pleasurable, well at least for me anyway,” laughed Ned.

Revenge is a dish best served cold so goes the saying, but this revenge was served warm and hard.


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