He Finally Won: The Bet FINALE

“OH YEA! RIGHT THERE BABY!” Jake screamed out in Katherine’s body. He was riding his friend Mike’s rock hard dick. He couldn’t believe he was doing it, but he felt amazing. They hadn’t even had time to take off his bra. Feeling the cock slide in and out of his fresh, wet pussy was a feeling he could never have comprehended as a man. It filled him perfectly. It was like an itch he never knew he needed scratched. He whipped the hair out of his face.

Mike, for his part, was still dumbfounded. His friend had become a sex machine in that new body. He knew he never had a chance with Katherine, so he hoped that tricking his friend into becoming her would give him an in. And it worked better than he ever expected. He started gasping as he neared completion. “OH YEA. I’M CUMING!”

Katherine/Jake moaned as he felt Mike’s dick throb. That had been amazing, but he hadn’t finished. Still, he was exhausted, and the pair fell asleep shortly afterwards…

Katherine/Jake woke up first to the daylight peeking in the window. Last night had felt amazing, but he wished he could have finished. His hormones felt more in control now, and the craziness of the evening crept in.

That bastard! He turned me in to a girl and fucked me! It did feel amazing though. Then, slowly, he realized something else…

Mike began stirring. “Morning sexy,” he said. Jake blushed. He still had trouble focusing at times. But no, he had to do what he intended.

“I realized something, Mike. We never went out last night. Which means I won the bet!”

Since he had just woken up, Mike was slow to process this news. When he did, though, it was as if a thunderbolt had struck him. He lurched backwards.

“I don’t want to be a man again. But that doesn’t mean you get to stay one. You know every classy, attractive girl like me needs a slightly less attractive, trashy, cock-hungry slut as a best friend.”

Before Jake’s eyes, Mike’s body began shrinking. He had felt that sensation last night, but it looked even stranger than it had felt. Mike’s face contorted slightly, almost looking orgasmic, as he shrank down several inches. Weight came off his body fast. Within a minute, there was a second girl in the room. Hot, but not nearly as hot as Katherine was.

“No! No! I don’t want to be a girl!”

“Stop that, sweetie. What did you say to me last night? The harder you fight it, the more you’ll mess up your mind.”

“No!!” Mike began sobbing and thrashing. He was taking it harder than Jake had. But the thrashing slowly turned in to air-headed giggling. Jake looked into Mike’s eyes. He could still tell that he was just barely in there.

“Like, what was I even upset about! This is so totally awesome! Two sexy chicks who are best friends. You want to make a bet about who can bring the cutest boy home tonight?”


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