Fish Store

Harry got the blowjob of his life from his newlywed wife, on their honeymoon, but when she asked for the favor to be returned, the formerly always nice Harry said, “No way, I don’t want to go down on a fish store, after all I’m your husband now, I make the rules, I’m the man!”

Harry thought marriage would let him have more leeway on how he treated his significant other, but not for long it wouldn’t. His wife Sarah, had enough. She blew some dust on him, and suddenly he was in her horny non-sexually-satisfied body. Gazing at the boobs and wet pussy below, and feeling the soft skin and body with the long smooth hair around his face, Harry knew somehow someway he was a woman, and not just any woman, his own wife, Sarah. He was in shock and horror, but at the same time super turned on, and unrelieved. He was super horny, and couldn’t help but touch himself, and then go further, eventually to full masturbation.

“Please either change us back or do something about this horniness, I can’t believe you were so horny, then again we held off on sex until marriage, but I always whacked of in the shower at least. Wow, it’s like you’ve never had sex in your life, change us back, I’m sorry for what I said, honest,” said a desperately shocked and horny young woman now.

“No way, I’m not going down to a fish store. You can put your nasty little hand in there all day, but I’m not going in there. If I wanted a tuna sandwich I would make one,” laughed Sarah from Harry’s well hung, but relieved body.

“You, ugh, can’t, ugh, leave me like this,” said Harry.

Sarah said, “Oh, UGH, YES, UGH I, CAN, I’m the man in this marriage now, not you. You’ll do as I say as my obedient wife, or I’ll kick you out with nothing, remember the pre-nup?”

“Oh, ugh, how could I forget, it was so, ugh, oh, unfair, ooooh, to you, I’m so sorry, I’ve ugh, learned my lesson,” said the new woman still masturbating profusely for sexual release.

“I’m sorry too, Sarah, but I’m afraid the fish store is yours now, and open for business 24-7. I think I like this power and strong dominance of being man. I’m the man of the family now, and you’re my obedient wife, and if you ever need reminding I’ll show you the pre-nup papers. No bend over honey, daddy’s coming home,” said the once again erect and recharged new man, Sarah had become, now Harry.

“You can’t do this to me, I though you didn’t want a fish store, why are you wanting to take me now,” said the new Sarah.

The newly swapped Harry said, “Because I’m not going down on that, I’m tapping that ass with my penis which has no sense of smell or taste. Now bend over honey, your my bitch now and always will be!”

With that, the much stronger new Harry flipped his new wife over like a hotcake, taking her doggy style with his new hard equipment, showing dominance on his newly female wife Sarah.

“Time to get laid Mrs. Sarah Jay,” said a smirking new Harry Jay.

Moans of pleasure and pain released from the new Sarah’s lips, only later quieted by the entrance of her own former cock into her wide open mouth, giving her that first taste of sausage.

“Since you don’t like a fish store, I give you a sausage store,” said the new Harry enjoying every moment of his new power and dominance over his new wife.

“Oh by the way, honey,” said new Harry with his cock in new Sarah’s lusciously sensual mouth, “you do smell like a fish store.”

“Umph, umph….,” was all that new Sarah could muster her mouth full of her own former man meat, as she caught whiff of her own fishy smell.


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