Demon Puberty V

Previous Chapters (and mini-summaries):
(I turned into a succubus that eats manhood, turning victims to girls)
(I went to school hungry, ate my econ teacher, and my body changed more)
(I turned into my own harem and had an orgy with 5 new victims)
(A bi partner turns me into a dickgirl and I blow him, then tear her up)

I met with the principal. I made the case that I had a medical condition, and that my grades should be good enough to graduate. He agreed, but they would require proof of my ‘medical condition’. He asked what it was, and I claimed it was ‘very personal’ and gestured toward my crotch. Like most men, he was instantly uncomfortable talking or inquiring about feminine plumbing problems, and stopped asking for details in person. But he needed documentation, it was a district requirement.

But of course, I can’t provide documentation because as a magical creature, the force of magic ensures that normals can’t believe in me. Any documentation I had saying I was a succubus would simply be disbelieved. And any doctor I told would simply disbelieve.

I was frustrated because I WANT to graduate. Even after the failure of my plan, I remain convinced that someday, I will be a man again. And when I am, I’ll need that diploma. Besides, I’m so close to graduating. To give up now just seems dumb.

I got through a day of school without fucking anybody, mostly because I was still pretty full of energy. I reluctantly went to talk to my mother again. She was the only resource I had, and as angry as I was with her, she hadn’t lied to me yet…you know, if you don’t count 18 years of not telling me I was going to turn into a female demonic sex predator, or that she was one, or the million little lies surrounding those two big ones.

“Well, you could try to get documentation from my doctor, Dr. Asmodeus.” my mom suggested. Mom was constantly trying to get me to embrace the new me. It’s one of the things that drove my continual anger at her despite her helpfulness in other ways.

“So help me, if that is the name of your gynecologist…” I said rubbing the bridge of my nose as if I had a headache.

“What? No. We’re demons, not human women. Dr. Asmodeus is my Thaumafaunologist. It’s a doctor that specializes in magical creatures like us.” she said. I was cross with her for not telling me about this earlier, but she reminded me that it was in fact me that was refusing to learn from her in anything other than short bursts.

Dr. Asmodeus had no open appointments all month barring serious medical emergencies. The best I could do was to spend alot of time in the waiting room and see if someone canceled or no-showed. I was that desperate. And so, the next day, I went and sat down, flipping through stuff on my phone to pass the time.

I saw patients with appointments come and go. If they were magical creatures, I couldn’t tell. I was half-hoping I would have some sense of what they were, or they’d have horns or tails or wear name tags or something. But I guess all magical creatures have the need to hide among humans, and therefore we all LOOK human. More or less. Some of these folks looked human to the same degree carnival folk look human.

And then, at one point, a man and woman walked in. She was clearly younger than he was, so I assumed she was his daughter. Shortly, his daughter went into the doctor’s office. He turned and looked at me, and smiled wickedly.

It’s not that he wasn’t good looking, as I’ve said before, I now find EVERY man to be beautiful. I want every single one. If I had turned into a normal human woman, I would find him quite a bit sexier than most. Borderline irresistible even. He had that ‘mature but not old’ kind of sexy going on, with the salt & pepper hair, the distinguished facial lines and such.

But this man was operating at a disadvantage relative to my 10 previous meals. I wasn’t hungry. That meant I was actually in control. And of course while he was attractive, I was still benefiting from extra energy from my last feed, leaving me a smoking hot piece of tail. Since I have gone fuck-crazy while full before, though always under extenuating circumstances, and I decided to discourage him in the least ambiguous way I could for his own sake. I scoffed at him as he tried to flirt with me, and dismissively went back to my phone as if he were as attractive to me as road kill.

“What? You think YOU are to good for ME?” he asked, offended.

“I’m just saying I’m not interested, grandpa.” I said, not even looking at him. I had to make it clear that this wasn’t going to happen, because to be honest, it COULD happen. Life had been kicking me in the teeth repeatedly to teach me that lesson, and I was learning it. If he pushed hard enough, I might break. And that would be bad for him.

“You bitch! You think you’re in control here? Follow me.” he said, and he began walking out the door of the doctor’s office. And it hit me. No, not my lust, this was something entirely different. Imagine feeling like a marionette. Like someone was moving your body for you.

I stood up, dropping my phone on the floor. My muscles and balance worked in perfect concert as if I were walking of my own will. My movements were perhaps a tad jerky as I tried to stop myself, but only a close observation would have revealed this. I walked right out the door after him. He lead me down the hall to a break room kitchenette area labeled employees only.

“H-h-how are y-y-you doing this to me?” I asked as I walked right over to him, straining with every ounce of effort I could muster, yet not even slowing myself down.

“I am a Selkie! Male Selkies have powerful charisma over women. For the rare woman that can resist us, we can control your bodies. The former is a part of our folklore, well known in our native lands and waters near Ireland, but the latter is our secret…mostly because so few women can resist the charisma. You should be proud that you forced me to force you. It means your will is strong.” he said. Interesting, because strong will is not how I would describe myself the last week and a half.

The guy obviously had no idea I was a succubus, and it seemed unwise to tell him. If his intent was to rape me, he was in for a VERY nasty surprise. Hell, I wanted him to so that I could end his control over me. Once he was my thrall, I was going to make her life absolute hell on earth.

“Of course, I can only control your body, not your mind. That is why I prefer the route of seduction. I like when the cunt I put myself in wants me there even more than I want to be there. But I can make your BODY do what I want, when I want.” he said.

You would think, as often as I lose control to my lust, I would be getting used to being out of control, but this was SO MUCH WORSE. I could feel how this wasn’t me. How I was being driven from the outside, like an automaton. To lose control to someone else as opposed to my urges…it made me feel a million times smaller and weaker. Powerless. I despised this feeling. I despised it more than anything I’d experienced since becoming a succubus.

He ordered me to start kissing him passionately, and I did. I was wearing a black blouse and grey skirt, which he promptly reached up under. He began rubbing my pussy through my panties. Most women wouldn’t respond favorably to this. I was not most women. I am a succubus. My body is always a hair trigger away from being ready to fuck. And the kissing, and pussy-grabbing…that was more than a hair.

My body kicked into gear. The lust took over, and I began peeling his shirt off without being forced, and kissing his chest. Licking his chest. I began to change into his fantasy. I became a redhead, still busty, but actually a bit less so than I had been. I noticed my victims usually didn’t notice my change into their fantasy…or at least didn’t mention it. Something about it must compel them to just go with it.

He promptly misinterpretted my sudden enthusiasm. “Oh, you’re a submissive! You’re getting off on me taking command, aren’t you? Not even fighting it anymore, but embracing it! Good. It’s good that you learn your place from now on.” he said. Dumbass, you’re about get to eaten. And I will not feel sorry about this one.

He ripped my blouse open and scooped my tits out of my bra cups to play with them. He fondled them for a few minutes while I ran my hands around his body. I was in full on hunt mode now, this was happening. His orders were redundant.

He spun me around, dropped his pants around his knees and pulled my panties down around mine, and bent me over the table. He lifted my skirt, slapped my ass…not playfully, painfully. I screamed, but in a playful teasing way. I realized…I actually DID like the slapping. He did it again, and again. Oh god, I loved it! I loved the way he was manhandling me. The way he was in control!

And suddenly I realized, his fantasy girl was submissive and probably masochistic! My succubus trait, it can affect my mind as much as my body! “Yes, master! Teach your bad slave girl a lesson! I need to learn to obey! Only you are man enough to teach me! To break me to your will!” I moaned. And I fucking MEANT IT! I was more turned on the worse he treated me.

He began fucking my pussy from behind. He started out just rocking my hips back into him while my tits flopped around under me like a pair of udders. I was kind of surprised, he actually wasn’t a very skillful fuck. He was rough. He was forceful. And I loved that. But I was barely wet enough when he started, and I had to reach back and guide him a bit.

He didn’t like a woman instructing him though. He grabbed me forcefully by the hair and slammed my head into the black table I had been leaning against. That was going to bruise! Probably a black eye. “Shut up bitch!” he said, and just like that, I couldn’t make a sound.

He went back to fucking me how he liked, and I was getting off on his occasional punches, slaps, spankings, and such. But of course, I was waiting for the big moment, and it didn’t take too long to arrive. As he began to cum inside me, my instinct to feed erupted, and I came with him.

My victims, as compensation for their lives being ruined I suppose, experience the most mind-blowing and long-lasting orgasm of their lives as I suck their manhood out of their manhood, if you know what I mean. This pleasure is typically so great, my victims can’t really say or do anything but consummate my meal. It’s probably a survival mechanism for me. Which is why I was pretty surprised when this guy did.

“Ahhhh!!! Ohhh!!! Hooolllleeeee ffffuuuuuuck!! What…is…this? What…are…you?” he managed.

Of course, his words still had power over me, and when he asked me a question, I HAD to answer. “I am a succubus, and I am feeding on you. And you are DELICIOUS!!!” It was true. I was just starting to realize that every man I ate/fucked tasted a little different. I use ‘tasted’ here as a metaphor, it’s not like one man literally tastes like strawberries and another like chocolate, but the energies all have a texture, a frequency, a feel…a something that I could sense that made each pleasing in a unique way, just like different foods taste different and are therefore pleasing in different ways.

I liked every flavor. There was no food I had tried that I didn’t love. But this man, I loved his taste most. It was like everyone else had been the cheap chocolate, and then tasting true gourmet chocolate. There’s no comparison. But I’d eat cheap chocolate in a heartbeat if the gourmet stuff wasn’t handy, and I’d enjoy the cheap stuff. But this guy was outstanding gourmet chocolate.

But it wasn’t just his taste, there was SO MUCH OF IT. His energy poured like a fire hydrant whereas most men were mere garden hoses, or kitchen faucets.

“Su…Succubus??? N-n-nooo..ohhhh!!! Stooo….oooohhhh!!! Stop it! Let me go!” he finally managed. And the power of his words did it. For the first time, I felt my feeding cycle interrupted. I unclenched my pussy, and pulled myself forward, his dick slipping out of me. He actually tried to pull me back onto him reflexively, but I slipped away, forced to obey his order to release him, even has his body was trying to obey my compulsion that he keep fucking me.

I collapsed on the ground. Aborting a feed was traumatic. This was one of the worst feelings I had ever felt…the depression, the anxiety, the nausea, the vertigo. My world spun. My body ACHED to finish the feed. Every muscle, and every part of me felt agony. I would have traded my whole life in that moment to finish my meal and make that pain go away.

Everything inside me wanted to jump back on him and fuck him more…finish the feed. But I couldn’t. His power wouldn’t let me. I barfed. HARD. All the normal human food I had eaten came out. I do still eat regular food, I just ALSO need energy. When there was nothing more to come out, I dry-heaved over and over from the nausea..

I turned to look at him as the dry-heaves stopped, and saw something I’d never seen before. Energy, bright and sparkling was erupting from his erect cock in spurts. It almost looked like pearlescent floating jism with gorgeous sunlight prismatically reflecting off it from a perfect sunbeam. But it wasn’t, he wasn’t in direct sunlight, this jism glowed and sparkled with it’s own light. It floated in the air for a few seconds at a time before dissipating into nothing. That was the energy I took from men? It was SO beautiful!

I lunged my mouth at this glowing, floating jism, catching little droplets here and there before they vanished. This was really it! His energy! It was that same taste! The gourmet chocolate! I wanted it! I NEEDED IT! I couldn’t take it directly from him, but whatever left his body was fair game! I swiped at the air, desperately corralling as much of it into my mouth and swallowing as I could. I was absolutely crazed.

“I can’t stop! Why can’t I stop!!!” he said, terrified. His body was shrinking, losing muscle. His package was shrinking, small perky breasts started forming on his chest in place of those pecs. His voice rose, his hips widened, his beard hair fell out. You get the idea.

“I don’t know why you can’t stop! I’ve never stopped before!” I said, compelled to answer, which allowed this particularly large and delicious looking globule of energy to dissipate before I could get it.

“What’s happening to meeeee???” he asked, his voice raising in pitch noticeably from the beginning to the end of just that sentence.

“You’re turning into my thrall. As you lose masculine energy, you become female and a slave to the succubus who took it from you.” I explained, losing yet more feeding opportunities. I really wished this guy would shut the fuck up, and let me eat.

But it got worse. The amount of energy escaping was declining…fast. The energy geyser was like an open wound, and that wound was clotting. It was a race, would he be my thrall, or would he remain himself? I wished, not because my nature compelled me, but I myself consciously wished I could wrap my lips around his cock and finish him off. I could win this demented magic fuck competition for sure if I could.

But I couldn’t. The geyser stopped. He had an androgynous body that had elements of maleness and femaleness. A tiny dick and balls, but also a tiny pussy. Little miniature buds of breasts, yet still a bit of adams apple. A voice that could be a deep woman’s voice, or a high man’s voice.

We stared at each other, each unsure of who was in control. Each afraid to say anything that might anger the other in case they were in control. One of us had complete power over the other, but neither could be entirely sure who it was.

I stood up. I was taller than s/he was now. “Kneel.” I said to her/him. S/he did not. FUCK! That probably means…

“Kneel.” s/he said to me. And I did. That force. That compulsion was there, every bit as strong as it had been before. There was no bargaining with it. No negotiating. No resisting. I began to cry. I didn’t know what came next, but I knew it wasn’t going to be good for me.

“Well. That was close. A little too close.” s/he said. “No wonder you and the Incubi as so widely feared. So easy to get lost in your beauty and end up…what did you call them?” s/he asked.

“A thrall.” I answered.

“Get dressed, follow me, and keep your mouth shut unless I give you permission to speak.” he said. And we got dressed went back to the doctor’s office, and picked up the girl. I said nothing the entire time. I obediently climbed into the car with them, and we drove off.

“Who’s that, Master? Is she joining us?” the girl asked him. ‘Master’, she called him? So not a daughter, but a victim of his, like me!

“Yes, Chloe. This is my new toy, though she is a VERY dangerous toy. You may notice how different I look, well she is to blame. And I will punish her for the rest of her life for it. Chloe, meet…actually, I never did get your name? You will simply call me ‘Master’ from now on. And whenever we are not in public, you will address me that way so as to always remind yourself of your low status.” he said.

“My name is Lucy, Master.” I said.

“Lucy is a Succubus, Chloe. Do you know what a succubus is?” he asked. Chloe indicated that she did not. “A Succubus is a sex demon. Specifically the female sex demon. They have different names from Incubus because they are actually a different species, not merely opposite genders of the same species.” the master explained.

“Lucy can explain the details to us later, but isn’t that fascinating? Lucy, Chloe is both my daughter and my sex slave. Her mother Allana is my slave also.” he said.

I wanted to yell at him “You enslave and fuck your daughter, you sick bastard??” but I couldn’t. I was under orders to keep my mouth shut. I could only speak when given permission or asked a question. But knowing he would do that to his own daughter…what would he do to me? A woman he had no relations to, but also who had just turned him into an androgynous hermaphrodite, and nearly into her own sex slave?

“What makes her a demon, Master? Is that just another kind of fae, like us, Selkies?” Chloe asked.

“No, Chloe. Fae and Demons are both magical creatures, but they are very different, sort of like how mammals and lizards are both animals, yet are very different. The Selkies are one kind of fae, and Succubi are one kind of demon.” he said.

“We Fae were born of the magic here on Earth. We belong here and are at harmony with it. Demons are born of the magic of other worlds. Awful worlds that might consist of naught but fire, or mud, or acid. Realms of pain and suffering and depravity. The demons came here long ago. Modern demons are diluted echoes of the might of their forefathers, or in the succubi’s case, foremothers.” he said.

“But diluted though they are, they are still awe-inspiringly powerful. For me to control one…I am quite frankly surprised that I can. Tell me, succu-bitch, why can I control you? Am I just that strong?” he asked.

“I only emerged a week and a half ago, Master.” I said.

“Ahhhh. You’re just a baby demon! Well, then I’d better get good use out of you before you get stronger. And I’d best get my revenge before long as well.” he said. I was terrified as to what came next.

“Your first chore is going to be something I myself cannot do. You are going to free my other daughter, Zoe. You see, when a Selkie is in the water, we take a seal form. When we come on land, we shed our sealskin and must hide it somewhere damp so it does not dry out. If a human finds our skin they control us completely. Far more completely than my power over females of all kinds. That happened to Zoe. I have no power over Zoe’s husband. But YOU. You will get her skin back for us, and return Zoe to my control.” he said.

What a sick fuck! I was almost buying this mission as an act of kindness, until he said I’d be ‘freeing’ his daughter only in the sense of putting her under her incestuous father’s control instead of her husband? But then, he wasn’t asking for my help. I was every bit as helpless as one of my thralls.


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