Her party, my party

It was her party. When Audrey kissed me out of the blue, and asked me to follow her to her room, I didn’t even hesitate. I followed her downstairs, leaving all of my friends downstairs. We entered her room, and locked the door. “Wait here by the door” she said. I could already feel my erection. She took all her clothes and revealed her perfect body.

She jumped into her bed, raised her ass, and looked back. “Do you want me?” she asked. “Of course” I said. “No no, you must say either yes or no. Do you want me?” she asked again. “Yes” I said. She smiled. The moment I blinked, my perspective changed. I was looking back at myself. I could feel my naked body. My ass raised, my pussy wet. I knew we had swapped bodies, but my aroussal held me from question the swap. He walked towards me, and pushed what used to be my big cock into my new pussy. The feeling was undescribable. We did it doggy style, missionary, and several other ways.

With each time I came, I kept forgetting my former life. By the end I could barely remember I used to be a guy; However, I remembered Audrey’s life in detail. “Thank you” I awkwardly said. “Enjoy” he said, as he kissed me and left me alone in my room. I took a quick shower, and got dressed. After all it was my party, and I had a lot of guests downstairs to entertain. Maybe next time I bring two guys to my room.


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