My fantasy fullfilled

“Where’s my keyboard?” I asked myself when it just faded away from existance. I was looking at an otgc caption titled “Their fantasies fulfilled”, when everything around me started changing. “What’s this?” I asked myself when I realized my computer mouse had transformed into a brush. I should have just left it there and walk away, but instead, I felt the need to brush my hair.

I saw how a couple of pens transformed into makeup and a small brush. My cellphone changed into mascara. My computer monitor changed into a mirror. And it wasn’t until I saw my reflection that I realized I had transformed too. I was all naked and a woman. I looked at my computer case, and saw it transform into a purse.

I continued getting ready. In my mind I knew I was a guy, but I also knew I had a date tonight. And if I wanted to score, I had to look pretty and sexy.


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