“Twelve thousand dollars,” said the man sitting on the bed behind him. Jack carefully studied his beautiful reflection in the mirror before replying.

“Not enough, big boy,” Jack said, playing with his shiny hair. “A girl’s gotta eat, you know.”

When the Role Exchanger had first stuck him in this hot little nubile body, Jack had spent a few days playing with himself and lying on the couch complaining before a thought struck him. Why not just accept his new role and use it to make a good living? So he’d called up an agency and became a high-class ‘escort’ catering to rich, horny men.

“Okay, $13,000,” the customer said. Getting no response, the man gulped and offered: “$14,000?”

“Fifteen,” Jack said, “Cash. With additional fees for ‘special services’ a la carte.” He was getting good at this. He knew how to milk a man desperate for pussy. “Deal,” the man grunted and started to count out the money.

Jack smiled and pulled the ribbon behind his back as he turned and walked seductively over to the bed. As his red silk coverlet came off, he knelt so that the man could view the tits straining at the bra.

“That’s better,” Jack purred. “Just slip some bills right between these little puppies, and we can start.” Then he began to suck.

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