Taking Advantage – Part One

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?”, Clyde asked his friend, and now girl, Liam who was standing in front of him. Hadn´t he seen it himself in person when Liam changed from his male visage to this female form with the help of an strange medallion he hadn´t believed that the woman in front of him in fact was his friend.

He looked uncomfortable. It was clear that Liam wasn´t accustomed to his feminine body. “I have to and you know that. If I´m to pass the physcology class I need to write a top notch paper on how males and females percieve the same thing. And this is the best way to do it. Go on and hypnotize me, and remember to follow the instructions on the list”.

I glanced at the text on the list that I held in my hand. “Sure”.
“You know the drill. Find a comfortable position and concentrate on the swinging pendant and on my voice.
Concentrate on the swinging pendant and on my voice”.
I droned on and on until I saw that Liam had fallen into the suggestible trance that we was aiming for.
“Let´s see now. Instructions:
– You no longer respond to the name of Liam Westfield. Your name is Hannah Westfield and will respond to that”
Liam-Hannah just seemed to blink when hearing that. I continued with the second paragraph.
“You are not a man. You are a woman”.
Seems pretty basic so far.

Third paragraph:
“You will dress, move and talk like a woman”.
In short these commands would make it easier for him to acclimatize to becoming a member of the fairer sex., I thought.

Fourth paragraph:
“As a female you are attracted to men”.
He really ment business when he said he needed to look at it from both sides.

Fifth paragraph:
“These changes will be in effect for…..”
I stopped myself. In the text he had written that the changes only would be active for a week. But I had this idea that would make it way more fun for me over a longer time. I needed to complete the sentence though.
“…an undefined amount of time”.
I allowed myself a grin. This was too good! How could I even resist? I crumbled the paper together into a small ball and threw it into the trashcan.

“Your affilitation to me is the one of a girlfriend”.
I saw how the pupils in her eyes dilated a little before resuming their usual shape.

“You will even without the influence of hypnosis do everything I order you to do”.
Hehe, this was fun! Time to work on the personality.

“You are cute girl with a wild streak. You love to suprise me sexually. There is nothing you are not willing to do involving sex. You have no qualms about showing off your hot body and tease me with it. Your goal is to give me as good orgasms as possible”.
That oughta do it! If I need to fix anything later on I can always order her into a trance. But now I wanted to see the results of my handiwork.
“Wake up Hannah”

She seemed disoriented where she was sitting on the floor. She looked around to get her bearings and when she locked her eyes on me she got this cute and sly little smile and began lift herself off from the floor.
“You can stay on the floor, babe”, I told her and she obeyed. She sat down on the floor again. I unbuckled my belt and opened up the zipper to my jeans and pulled out my semi-rigid cock: “I think you are in the just right height to suck me off”.
I heard her voice for the first time when she said “Yummy!”. The second later she took all of it into her mouth and began to bob her head back and forth.
Damned it felt good! She was a pro, no question about it!


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