“Mmm,” John murmured, hungrily licking the throbbing cock in front of him. His roommate Caleb moaned in joy: that roving Role Exchanger thing had not only enlarged his dick but had also transformed his roommate John into his very own busty, lusty, and submissive girlfriend. For the past five days he’d gotten a blowjob from this hottie—Caleb loved his new life.

“It tastes sweet, honey,” John said, looking Caleb in the eyes with adoration. “May I suck it now, please?” Caleb grunted: “Yes, suck it, my lil’ bitch”; to which John just smiled, sliding an old silver ring onto his middle finger.

Then the world spun around, and Caleb found himself looking at his own body and licking his own shaft. “Errm?!” Caleb exclaimed in surprise, feeling the weight of tits on his chest and long blonde hair tickling his shoulders. “What’s going on?!” Caleb said, suddenly feeling a powerful urge to suck cock. He began to bob his head up and down, moaning in pleasure as the cock filled his mouth.

John explained: “Sorry, Caleb…or should I call you Callie now? Wow, that Role Exchanger really threw me in for a loop by giving me that hot little body and those irksome compulsions which you must now be feeling. You, however, got a new improved dick: you enjoyed lording it over me, didn’t you? You made me suck it for days, and I couldn’t resist or protest. You took unfair advantage of my condition. However, I am the son of a warlock, after all, and when my father found out he was furious, so he gave me body-swapping ring. I can’t undo science with magic, so maybe I’ll never get my own body back, but I might as well have yours instead. So from now on you can start being the submissive ‘lil’ bitch’ that you’d forced me to be before, Callie. I was shifted, but now you’re officially shafted.”

The new ‘Callie’ was shocked, but as the mental changes took over her mind, she went down and kept licking. She couldn’t help but suck this magnificent shaft before her.


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