Honey, what’s wrong?

Kenneth pouted and sat down on the cold stone steps until Jennifer finally noticed. “Honey, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“I might ask you that very question. Jen, it seems you’ve been avoiding me lately. Ever since we swapped bodies three weeks ago thanks to that flying blue orb in the sky, we agreed to just move on with our lives just as before as husband and wife. But I recall that as your husband I was much more interested in sex than you seem to be now.” Kenneth paused and toyed with his hair.

“I am interested in sex, honey, but….” Jennifer struggled to find the words.

“Am I doing something wrong, Jen?” Kenneth asked. “Please tell me. I’ve tried very hard to be your woman. I taught myself to do makeup and fix my hair and dress like you used to do. I’m wearing your favorite bra and garter and stockings, even the heels! Last week I went through your period, and I didn’t complain. Is my ass fat? Do you not like my breasts? Does my pussy smell? Is there something else the matter? Why won’t you take me, honey?” he pleaded.

Jennifer gulped and decided to admit her secret shame. “Honey, I love being a man and having a penis, but I can’t seem to get it up or keep it up. I’ve spent all week reading medical articles and it seems that I have a case of erectile dysfunction (ED), probably another gift from the blue orb. I am attracted to you and I’m sorry for not telling you, but I felt ashamed and didn’t want to admit to you that I’m a failure as a husband who can’t get hard. You’re a better woman than I’m a man,” she concluded, feeling tears welling up.

Kenneth descended the stairs, his hips swaying seductively, and he knelt in front of Jennifer. “Is that all that’s wrong, hun? It’s quite common among men, but it can be solved with the right techniques. Let me help you get it up and keep it up,” he said, unzipping Jennifer’s pants and starting to suck. Jen moaned as she felt her cock stiffen in her wife’s wet mouth.


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