((specially to @reaperbot666))

BILL THOUGHTS_ This is such a paradox. Of course, it’s embarrassing, being dressed like this, dancing and showing my body to all these horny men. But at the same time, I can’t deny it’s so exciting. That blue thing really did a number on me. Well, at least I’m glad my wife ended up agreeing with me taking this job, It was getting more and more difficult to control myself. I feel this overwhelming urge to show my body; I feel all warm and tingly when I notice somebody ogling at me. I definitely needed this. And then there’s the money; the fixed income is not much, but the tips, they were a very positive surprise, all the money they throw at the floor or put on my skimpy clothes. I know, I know, it’s humiliating, but I’m just making the best of a bad situation. This is only my fourth night here, and I have lots to learn about stripping, so I suspect that with time I will end up earning almost the same I used too. Well, there’s another way to earn even more, the manager already invited me and the girls that do don’t seem to be miserable, so… Oh my god here I am stripping and thinking about becoming a prostitute. What happen to my life?

Wait, is that Owen in the crowd?

OWEN THOUGHTS_ Fuck! Mark’s daddy is so fucking hot! It was risky to follow him here, but I had to see this! And man it worthed it, it totally worthed it. Just hope he doesn’t see me. Mark would be so angry with me. Oh no! I think he saw me… wait… is that a smile?


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