Honeymoon Role Exchanger

Ron and Elizabeth’s honeymoon didn’t go as planned. Standing at 6’4″ tall and weighing about 350 lbs, Ron was always the biggest person in any room. He looked like a lineman or some child’s fantasy idea of a Norse king: bright red hair, a big beard, and an enormous voice. When he was around, there was no doubt who was in charge. His new wife, Elizabeth, was no dainty woman herself at a full 6′ tall and matronly plump and curvy.

“Hi,” Ron said with a smile to the diminutive woman at the check-in desk, “my wife and I need to check in. Last name’s Fleming. We’re in the honeymoon suite.” Ron hugged his wife to him as he said this.

The woman working behind the counter to check in the guests was an attractive but petite and demure brunette. She couldn’t have been much more than 5′ tall, and Ron towered over her as though she were a child. Her name tag said she was called Jennifer. She stammered and kept fumbling at the keys on her computer, clearly nervous in front of Ron.

“Sh … sh… sure,” she stuttered. “It’ll be just a moment.” Her voice stood out as being incredibly quite and almost childishly high pitched next to Ron’s enormous voice.

She need not have been concerned, however. Despite his size and ability to take charge of a situation if need be, Ron was more like a gentle giant most of the time. Elizabeth was the more outgoing and assertive of the two.

“Take your time,” Elizabeth said, squeezing her husband’s hand.

As they waited to check in to their hotel room, Ron looked across the lobby, able to see over the heads of anyone else present. He noticed a family of five: a mother and father, two older children who appeared to be in high school, and one young son who appeared to be maybe in first or second grade. The elder son, who was maybe 16 or 17 years old, was clearly unhappy to be waiting in the lobby, and his mom kept reprimanding him for his impatient behavior. The youngest played a game on his mother’s phone while he sat cross-legged in the floor. The elder daughter, who appeared to be maybe a senior in high school or a college freshman, was also playing on her phone, apparently involved in a vigorous texting conversation. The father just stood there listlessly, waiting to get into their room.

There were also a bunch of college-age students who appeared to be on vacation together. Ron couldn’t help but notice that several of the college girls were very attractive in that petite model way. But while he certainly noticed them, he preferred women like his wife who were more … substantial. The boys were definitely bros, and Ron hoped he wouldn’t have to have a chat with any of them about late-night partying or anything like that. One of the college boys was getting handsy with one of the girls: grabbing her ass and trying to make out with her in the lobby. She didn’t seem to mind his advances, but she was clearly uncomfortable about doing anything in public and kept playfully swatting his hands away from her butt which was clearly on view for anyone through her skin-tight yoga pants.

While they waited, Ron noticed something blue out of the corner of his eye. Shortly after that, he noticed everyone in the lobby begin to behave strangely. Glancing at the family, Ron noticed that the high-school-aged boy and girl started to behave much more maturely. Whereas before the boy had been clearly perturbed at having to wait so long, slouching and rolling his eyes, he now stood erect and began taking charge of the family, much in the way the mother had been doing before. The mother, on the other hand, now sat in the floor and played a game on her phone, which is what the child had been doing before. The older sister was suddenly wearing her pressed khaki trousers and a tucked-in polo shirt, as her father had been wearing before, and her father was now wearing her short skirt and tank top.

Ron then noticed that he was no longer able to see over everyone’s heads anymore; instead, with each passing second, everyone around him grew taller and taller until he was the shortest person who was not a child in the room. His clothes, which had begun to swallow him, suddenly began to fit much better. He looked at Jennifer, the desk attendant, who was now enormous, and he realized that she must have been about 6’4″ and 350 lbs. Her clothes had ripped off of her, exposing her gigantic body which was now far more curvy than she had been before.

Ron realized that the and Jennifer had swapped sizes, but they hadn’t swapped clothes. Why, then, did his clothes suddenly fit when hers did not? Looking down, he noticed that he had swapped clothes with one of the college girls. Instead of his jeans, boots, and plaid button-down, he now wore flip-flops, a micro-skirt, and a sheer tank top that left nothing to the imagination. Not that he had anything worth seeing since he was still a man.

Next he felt a tickling at his bare shoulders and noticed his red hair, usually cut short, was now brushing his shoulders. He also noticed that his nipples felt strange rubbing against his shirt. Looking down through the sheer fabric of his tank top, he noticed his nipples had grown and poked off of his still mostly flat chest and showed clearly through his shirt. He also felt a distinct absence between his legs at that moment and put his hand under his incredibly short skirt only to find smooth flesh and a slit covered by the barest of underwear. One of the girls, the one who had been playfully fighting off the advances of her boyfriend earlier, was now grabbing the crotch of her yoga pants where the outline of a large penis was clearly visible. She hadn’t had much in the chest department before, but Ron suspected that she now had even less.

His changes appeared to stop and he realized he didn’t know what had happened to his wife. He looked where she had been standing and now saw a woman who could easily grace the cover of any fashion magazine. She was thin with medium-sized breasts, and while she would never be considered tall, she seemed enormous next to his petite body.

“Elizabeth?” Ron asked, astounded by the childish sound of his voice. He had swapped voices with Jennifer also.

“Ron?” Elizabeth asked, staring at him both dumbfounded and more than a little turned on. To both her surprise and the surprise of the frat boy who had been hitting on his girlfriend earlier, they had swapped sexual attractions. Elizabeth now found herself incredibly aroused by petite women like her husband, and the frat boy, who had received no other changes, just wanted to find a big man to care for him.

“I … I… I’m so sorry,” Ron stammered, suddenly feeling submissive and demure in front of Elizabeth. He wanted her to hold him.

“Don’t worry, honey,” she replied, holding him close.

It took a long time for everything to get sorted out, but eventually Ron and Elizabeth made it to the honeymoon suite together. Elizabeth could hardly keep her hands off of Ron the whole way there, and once they arrived, it didn’t take long for them to undress each other and enjoy their honeymoon, even if it was quite different from what they had expected.


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