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Tanya Torpedos

Harry made an off-hand remark about a woman at the mall who was thick with big boobs to his buddies, saying she looked like a thick busty hooker. Then suddenly he was at his bedroom, though it looked different, and he had huge boobs and was thick with new equipment. His buddies were there with him, but now were all naked and stroking! Read more

They’re Gone

Once Tim and Jeff looked at their new crotches, the look of shock was on their faces, they realized that their former male equipment was gone, and their status as chicks was confirmed. They had been overhead in their conversation earlier, about women being inferior and good for one thing, and they girls overhearing it would have none of that from those two. Carl, one of the girls hearing this, said it was time to put them in their place. Read more

Must be Nice

“Wow, sex again Tiffany? Who’s this guy now? Must be nice, I wish I got laid like you did,” said Steve, Tiffany’s brother. Read more


Sid wished plain and simple to be a hot slut to the wishing well, tossing in a coin he didn’t realize would activate the well. It was a special coin somehow in circulation, and Sid got his wish. Suddenly he was being ridden on a chair with a big hard cock inside him, as waves of female pleasure coursed through his veins. He smiled in bliss getting exactly what he wanted, not yet even knowing what he looked like or what his partner did either. He was for now just lost in the moment, intense pleasure from hot sex with a man as a sexy hot slut. He heard his own voice moan and was turned on further, verifying his newfound femininity and slut status. Once he had his first female orgasm, then another, then one more, he truly realized this was the right wish. Turning to stare at the man, he was stunned but attracted, it was his best buddy Jeff, and looking in the mirror nearby, he looked like the female version of himself if he was a bit slutty and unruly. Not overly attractive, but sexy none the less. He was for all intents and purposes a hot slut, and chills went through him as his new hunky boyfriend formerly best buddy Jeff called him Sapphire Derrick now instead of Sid Derrick. Even his new name was a bit slutty, like a stripper name, and he no SHE loved it. Next time she would taste Jeff for the first time, and was already trying to get him hard again to suck off his lusciously manly meat pole.

Time and Space for the Human Race

Trevor invented a time traveling device, and wanted to see the future more than the past. It was incorporated into a pink bracelet, to honor his lost girlfriend, as it was her bracelet before she died. She had wanted to see the future with him, but now he was alone, and was not overly fond of the present he lived in. Global warming, war, terrorism, hunger, homelessness, poverty and despair were some of the many things plaguing his century. He traveled into the future in her honor, wearing her pink bracelet on his right wrist. Read more

Casey and Macey

“Hi, I’m Casey, and this is Macey, and we love our bodies, especially our boobies, and our outfits especially our pantyhose. We also love men too some cum on over studs, and take us for a test drive, we know you are driving us crazy,” said Casey on the left, both of which her and Macey had formerly been males moments earlier, but their realty alteration device changed them to a reality where they were two rich sluts instead, having never invented the very machine that created that reality in the first place. Read more

Instant Female Experience

Jeff wished so badly for a new life, he had no life, no friends, no prospects. When his wish was answered by unknown forces, he found things very different. He had ample boobs, long hair, and long sexy legs in black stockings and feet in heels. He was sitting on a man, pumping his large cock deep inside of him in a new place, a vagina! He found his dainty right hand rubbing his new clitoris to increase pleasure, while this man pounded him going inside and out thrusting. Read more

Into Deek

“Oh Fawk me, I’m into zee deek,” said Jeffry after being changed into a foreign chick with a thick accent after saying all Euro chicks were whores out loud at a European spa on vacation. Read more

Lie Twice Lesson Learned

Conrad the copilot was asked by a nice old lady to check her luggage to make sure she had her passport with her, it was too high up for her to reach, and all the flight attendants were busy with other passengers. The plane had yet to take off and Conrad was not busy, at the moment, but he resisted, pulling the “it’s not my job” attitude on her. Read more

Just a Taste

Kevin said on a hiking trip with his buddy Percy that he wanted if not much, then a taste of what it was like to be a well hung stud. Kevin was small in that department, and wondered often what it would be like if he were a real “well hung” male in sex. They reached an odd stone with a strange language, and as Kevin touched it, there was a glow. Read more