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Burning Off All That Cooking

Jack was a bit of a workout warrior. He always was busy burning off calories by running, lifting, etc because he also loved to eat. He had to have some way to burn off those calories, right? Read more

Dreams Come True

It started as a conversation. Mike asked me about my dream body and I thought he meant describe my dream girl, he laughed and said he never thought I wanted to be a woman. I tried turning it back on him, about how he was thinking about a hard body instead of a nice, curvy lady. But he kept on about how I wanted to be a woman. Read more

A Much Needed Break

I’d been working hard these past few weeks. Too hard, in my humble opinion. Thanks to a series of unfortunate events, I was in effect doing three separate jobs at my office for the price of two. I wanted a break. Read more

I guess this is my life now

When I found out I had the power to travel through time I was so excited, it was a power the men in my family on my mothers side had but she was an only child and her father was died last year and he was an only child as well so that made me the only one left with the power. I already knew where I wanted to go I wanted to meet my dad, he died before I was born when he went off to the army so I never got to meet him but now I can go back and warn him. I closed my eyes and imagined being in the year 1999, I opened my eyes and it had worked!!! I immediately set out to look for him, it didn’t take long I just went to my old house and told him everything. He believed me straight away, apparently he already knew about the powers the men on my mothers side off the family had so it wasn’t hard to convince him. After I warned him I went back to my own time to see if it had worked. I opened my eyes and went down stairs to find my dad reading the paper. When he seen me he smiled and said ‘hows my favourite girl’. I was so happy that it had worked and- wait did he say girl?! I looked down to find cleavage. I researched what happened later and discovered that the day i went to warn my dad was the day I was conceived and by talking to him I delayed him from getting to conceive me with mum meaning I was conceived with different sperm so I was born a girl. And the worst part was that I am no longer a man so I don’t have my powers anymore so I can’t go back and fix it. I guess this is my new life now.