Becoming an Alpha

“Good girl, lick her pussy, make her cum.”

My best friend’s words echoed through my mind as the bimbo who had once been my boyfriend buried her face in my pussy, licking at it and sending jolts of pleasure through my body. I moaned out as my transformed boyfriend kept licking, it was more wonderful than anything I had ever experienced.

“Why… why are you doing this to us?” I said through the moans while Carrie rubbed my breasts with her hand a little. “Why… make us bimbos?”

“I’m not making you a bimbo dear,” Carrie said with a smile as another jolt went through my body. “I infected you a few days ago, you’re going to be just like me.

“Just like… oohhhh…” I said with a moan.

“Yes,soon we’ll be Alphas together Mary,” Carrie said as she kissed my nipple, making me moan louder. “Imagine, men and women, bimbos and not, all bending to our will.”

I gasped as the bimbo’s tongue pressed against my g-spot. I didn’t feel any dumber, in fact it felt like it was making me stronger, smarter, sexier. I wanted to be this, I wanted to make bimbos bend to my will like this slut that was eating my pussy.

Is creamed as I cummed all over the bimbo’s face, I didn’t care who she was anymore, she served us now, just like all bimbos would.

A new Alpha was born.


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