Tanya Torpedos

Harry made an off-hand remark about a woman at the mall who was thick with big boobs to his buddies, saying she looked like a thick busty hooker. Then suddenly he was at his bedroom, though it looked different, and he had huge boobs and was thick with new equipment. His buddies were there with him, but now were all naked and stroking!

One buddy said to a shocked new Harry, “Ok, Tanya Torpedos, we are all here for a good time. You look shocked, maybe it’s our size?”

Harry now Tanya looked in the mirror then at her buddies and screamed, while grabbing her new crotch, only to realize doing so made her horny for her new buddies turned sex buddies!

In his head he heard a whisper, gently, “Hey Tanya, serves your right to judge huh? Enjoy your new boy toys and your new chest sweetie, they are yours for life and free of charge, though you probably could start charging for your services.”

Tears rolled down Tanya’s eyes as she realized she was screwed both figuratively and soon to be literally!


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