Into Deek

“Oh Fawk me, I’m into zee deek,” said Jeffry after being changed into a foreign chick with a thick accent after saying all Euro chicks were whores out loud at a European spa on vacation.

He was stunned to be staring at pert little boobs and a flat crotch, while pulling the strings on his sheer black bikini panties, their tugging into his new equipment reaffirming the fact he now was a she and she had a pussy. She would find she was a German bondage chick now, and she was already thinking of sex with guys and them punishing her!

“I can’t believes dis! I’m… I’m… ento meen. I can’t stop ziking about zee deeks, lots and lots of zee deeks,” said the new German bondage slut.

“Oh Helga, time to be tied up,” said a big strong German dude half naked.

“I’m zee Helga? What happenz to me,” asked the new Helga.

“Fucking and punishment will happen fraulein,” said the German stud Igor as he latched onto Helga’s collar with her leash and tugged her inside for some hot German sex and bondage.


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